27 January 2007


I figured since it was Friday, let's go a bit crazy and show off those hardcore snaps that bring us all here!!

These guys are TWINS!!!

Well, I hope you liked these....I have more that I will post later tonight!!

Cheers guys and let me know if you like the pics!!

"The Camera"

26 January 2007

Focus On.....JOSH WESTON

Today, I want to talk about one of my all time favourite stars....Josh Weston.

Josh Weston is an American pornographic actor who has appeared in over twenty gay video productions since 2001. He grew up in Nevada where he excelled in athletics in high school. Upon graduation from college, he moved to San Francisco where he began to work as a personal trainer. To supplement his income, he also worked as a stripper at the Nob Hill Theatre where he was eventually discovered by gay porn film director Chi-Chi LaRue. Weston worked exclusively for Falcon Studios from 2001 to 2005. In 2006, he began to appear in Colt Studio Group's Buckshot videos.

Like many actors who have successfully made a living in the pornographic film industry, Weston is muscular and is endowed with an above-average size penis (8.5 inches). His well propotioned body, great tattoos and strawberry blonde hair makes me weak!

Weston is a recipient of one Grabby Award (in 2002 for Best Duo Sex Scene for Deep South 2) and two GayVN Awards (in 2003 - Best Actor and Best Three-way for Deep South 1).

Weston nhas an ability to connect with his costars and with his fans. When being fucked he allows himself to become more vulnerable....he gets extremely vocal and loud when in the midst of a scene. Every scene he does Josh can make great.....he actually can act!! I swear!! He really makes a viewer feel like they are there with him.
And that's what makes this hottie a STAR!!

More soon!


"The Camera"

NOW WHAT?? Marcus Allen's Drama.....


Marcus Allen, gay porn star, who was only gay for pay, has been indicted in Denver for the murder of a wealthy businessman.


Didnt I jerk off to this guy screwing Pierre Fitch in THROUGH THE WOODS and banging a member of his little league team in LITTLE BIG LEAGUE????

What is going on here??

Reports say that Allen never could deal with the gay community and truly despised gays. He even scrubbed down his flat because "a gay man had been in there."
And he obviously had anger issues.......what is going on here??

I will add another post in a bit.....just thought these two were enough to make you all scratch your heads and go OH MY GOD!

"The Camera"


Do you remember little Danny Pintauro from "WHOS THE BOSS"?
Remember when he was forced out of the Hollywood closet by a shitty tabloid?

Well here is now....all grown up and looking for a friend on the internet! I was surprised to see how he still looks the same but older and a bit thinner.......

I particularly like the tattoos he has gotten since we saw him last......
Okay, now I think that if you want to look for action onlne, that's your business and more power to you. Hopefully you wont meet a wierdo or a stalker. But every gay man is going to know who Danny is, even if he uses a different name.......I hope Danny finds a match online and doesnt get hurt......and I hope this whole thing doesnt really bite him in the ass. He's such a sweet guy and one of the few child stars to not go bad - drugs, crime, booze.....

I will say that if Danny came across my path, I would love to enjoy a dinner with him to ask....WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?

These pictures courtesy of DUDETUBE.

Okay, more famous guys to follow!!


"The Camera"

25 January 2007


Just as a quick note.....

Best Male Blogs has rated us in the Top Ten!!

In only 2 weks of this blog being up and running, you.....our readers......have made us rank in the Top Ten!!


I will do a double post tonight!!

Perhaps some celebrity photos and some great sex shots?? Sound good?

Leave me a message and let me know what you want to see....or send us some of your own pictures.....


"The Camera"

Focus On.....TWINS!!

OH MY GOD!!! I just think my fantasy has come true!! Twin brothers who love to get naked and who enjoy hot and sweaty gay sex! YES PLEASE!!!

First we have the Tingle twins from Australia.
These blokes are so bloody hot, I would never leave down under if they were there with me......

These two blondies have even made a movie together called "DOUBLE SIZE - Double The Pleasure".......I think I need to find this movie NOW!!! These guys are so hot and have amazing.....eyes. Truly, they do.........mmmmmmm.

Here we have the Lautrec Twins. They have been courted by and signed by the fantastic Bel Ami. These blokes know how to fuck and take it like a man in FLINGS 2. They did an incredibly hot scene with Brandon Manilow and (my favourite!!) Tommy Hansen......PERFECTION!!

These guys are amazing to watch.....just look at those eyes!! Just like Lukas Ridgeston's.....they pierce you and invite you at the same time......mmmmmmmmmm......

And the tattoos just make me weak!!
I hope you enjoy the twin guys today!!
Next time I show off my twins, I will give you guys the pictures of the gay twin brothers who do movies and each other!! Talk about TABOO!!!
See you soon!
"The Camera"

24 January 2007

Focus On.....Sports Guys

You know......Ive always been attracted to sports.....I don't really know why though....

Oh, yeah.....this ad explains it all!!

Wrestlers who get aroused during a match make my day!

I think I need to help this triathelte!! ........in ANY way that I can!!

Rugby players - like myself - always seem to lose some item of their kit during a match!!

Who knew Andy Roddick liked to expose himself during a match?? I am glad he does, though!!!

AH!! Here's the team I need to be on - in - on - whatever!! I would buy whatever they are advertising!!

And you cannot beat a naked Oscar De La Hoya!!!!

I need to wreslte with this guy!! NOW!!!!

Hope you like todays snaps!
More sports guys will follow! I promise!!


"The Camera"

Check Out This Video Guys!!! WOW!!!

This video is HOT!! And so are the blokes in it!!

Enjoy it!

"The Camera"

23 January 2007


Well thanks guys for sending me your photos! I am posting them today since it's Amateur Tuesday again!
I hope you all enjoy these brave and HOT "Camera" readers who sent in pictures for all of you to see!!

This guy has a little bit of something white and wet on his stomach....hmmmmmm.....wonder what he was up to???

Lord knows I enjoy getting snaps from my readers, so send them in if you want me to post them..... Help make this blog amazing. Lord knows you hot guys are out there reading!!


"The Camera"