12 January 2007

Focus on..... TOMMY HANSEN

Here we have Tommy Hansen, Bel Ami star and an incredibly gorgeous bloke!

Tommy Hansen first appeared in a Bel Ami movie in 2001 and was an instant star! He is primarily a bottom boi on film because he dislikes wearing a condom for penetrative sex on film. He has appeared bareback with Tim Hamilton in an online episode on Bel Ami's site - he was involved with Tim at the time.

Tommy's real name is Filip. He was seen on the Czech version of BIG BROTHER and had done an ad campaign for a dairy. When they found out about Tommy's past, they dropped him from the campaign and pulled the ads.

Tommy's hottest scenes are in Greek Holiday with Brandon Manilow (who fucks the bejeezus out of him!) and with Tim Hamilton, where Tommy gets a mouthful of Timmy's man juice and then proceeds to fuck and get fucked poolside.

Lets hope that Tommy continues to make films. He has a boyish charm that is infectious, a grin that makes me go wet and eyes that can see right through you. He is one hot bloke who, I hope, continues to get pleasure from giving pleasure on film!!

More pictures of Tommy will follow, I promise!!

My best,
"The Camera"

OK....So here's more of Kurt!

Here are more pics of Kurt for you all to see.....I couldnt wait to post them for you!
"The Camera"


This is one of my all time favourites!!
Kurt Marshall was so bloody hot!!
"The Camera"


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