02 June 2011


Im sure that by now, you all have heard about Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and his horribly lewd Twitter photo.
I like him for being so forthcoming in interviews and on the House floor...

However, this whole Twitter thing has made me reevaluate him.

He has been evasive on his best day. He REFUSES to answer the simple question, "Is the Twitter photo of you?"
He starts with politaical stories and dances around the topic.

Just say you took it for your wife, and then your account got hacked. That sounds plausible, right?
I would've bought that story from day one!
And below is the photo!! Yes, this is what all that shitstorm is about!
Honestly, this is so bad?
My God! Its just bulging briefs!


Unlike the character he plays in The Hangover Part II, actor Bradley Cooper has an excellent memory, even when it comes to a gay sex scene he filmed a decade ago, according to a profile in Esquire magazine.

Cooper made his first feature film appearance in the 2001 ensemble comedy Wet Hot American Summer and had a sex scene with comic actor Michael Ian Black in a sports shed.

"I remember saying,'What if we wear tube socks, and I'll go up on the wall, and you'll come from behind me,'" Cooper recalls. "And I said in the scene, 'Say my name,' and Michael says, 'Ben!' And I say, 'No! Say my Christian name,' and he whispers, 'Benjamin,' and that's when I came."

Cooper spoke with The Advocate about the scene in 2009. Asked whether he had any reservations about the role, Cooper replied, "Maybe for 10 minutes I thought, Is this the first thing I should do? But I'm pretty fearless. The joy of acting is getting to do outlandish things or putting yourself in unusual situations. You have this serious, beautiful sex scene between two men in the middle of this crazy comedy, and I just thought that was great. As long as the story is exciting, I'll do anything."

29 May 2011


So, I am on my vacation!
Yes, it is gorgeous here.....I love the East Coast of the US!!
Since Ill be away, and dont know when Ill get to post, here are a few yummy examples of hot blokes for you!!
I have submitted my interview with James Jamesson and hopefully, when I return, I will get the okay to post it! I am sending it to James so he can read it before it is published and posted. I hope he likes what Ive done!
More later!!

"The Camers"