About Me

Here's a little about me. Many of you have asked me personal questions so this is the page I will answer them. If you have any more, feel free to send them to guys4thecamera@gmail.com.

I was born in the US, Texas, and raised on the East Coast in New York and New Jersey.

I moved to South Africa with my father when he went there for work. I fell in love with the country. But when I was a child, it was the era of racism and apartheid. So the South Africa I was introduced to was compounds and carefully tailored tourism for white people.
However, I still knew that this was the most beautiful place on Earth. I knew I had to return.

My career as a performer was going strong and it brought me on an international tour to South Africa again.
And this time, apartheid was over and I could see the country in its entirety!

I bought a home there. South Africa had become my new home.

I met a man there and we were married. We were together for 8 years until we divorced. He still lives in South Africa. We remain friends which is very nice. He actually watches my home whilst Im away.

Now I live on the East Coast of the US and still have my home in Durban South Africa.

I still work in entertainment, though I no longer perform. I am a setting and lighting designer as well as a director. Ive even won awards for my directing! I know, hard to believe that a pornographer could have a solid "normal" career too.

And now, Im looking to move, start a new adventure and chapter of my life.
Im excited and looking forward to it though it is very stressful right now - finding a new job, new home and new adventure.

Ill update and keep you posted!

"The Camera"