06 May 2011



From DudeTube:

We're six episodes into MTV's The Real World XXV Vegas starring former Fratpad/Fratmen star Spencer. I haven't really discussed Spencer/Dustin's time on the show since I was asked to remove certain content from my site by the folks behind Fratmen. On this week's episode one of the roommates left the show and Dustin reacted badly to the idea of a potential gay male replacement roommate. He made homophobic statements about being afraid of a gay roommate smelling his underwear. He's says that over time he's apparently developed a paranoia about gay men approaching him.

Dustin also gave an interview with Ology where he misrepresented his time in the Fratpad. About the beginning of the webcam site he said:

"...I was one of the original cast members. So going into the Fratpad… nobody knew where that was gonna go. The first month there, I didn’t even take my clothes off. It was one of those things that was gradual. For the first month, you kinda just scope out the situation, chatting with the members. And then the bar gets raised. And over time, you get a comfort level of what’s going on. A lot of people think it was just one of those things where I threw all my inhibitions into the wind. It wasn’t… It was a gradual thing I grew with."
The Fratpad open in the middle of June 2006 and by the first week of July 2006 Dustin had left the site. So that's doesn't even provide him with the month of time he describes. I also have screencaps of Spencer naked from that time period which refute his non-nudity for the first month claim. He returned to the site a few months later and in the interview discusses a video with fellow model David:
"The video that I did with David, the one that’s a big deal… it was mainly because we had never done anything like that before. It was always solos; we’d never done a “duo” scene. And my boss came in and said he wanted to do one but didn’t know who would do it. And at that time, I had been there for a couple years and I was like, you know what? I’ll do it because I wanna see the company grow."

I'm not sure if he's referring to his Fratmen video with David where he performed oral sex in Australia or his private Fratpad pay-per-view duo where he both topped and bottomed. The later happened in September 2006, not quite the "couple years" that he describes. The Australia video was also filmed in Fall 2006. None of these are huge issues, but they contribute to a narrative that Dustin is selling downplaying his porn past. He even goes on to say "I’m not trying to cover anything up" but that is in direct contradiction to Fratmen demanding the removal of all hardcore content from multiple websites.
Andy Dehnart from Reality Blurred interviewed Real World producer and creator John Murray for an upcoming feaure in Playboy who said:
“I think he’s talked with the site and his former employer, and I think he may have been working with them to try to get some of it taken down. But I’m not really involved in that, and I don’t know specifically if that’s the case, but that’s sort of generally what I’ve heard.”

It looks like Dustin wants it both ways. While he's actively working to get all of his hardcore past erased, Dustin is still associating with the porn company that started his career. Many industry folks saw Dustin a few weeks ago at the Phoenix Forum. Dustin was there attending the gay porn convention with Fratmen. I'm suprised that this self-confessed panty-sniffer could deal with the anxiety of being around all those gay people. Maybe's he's looking to turn his new reality stardom into a bigger porn career while attempting to brush his hardcore porn past under the rug. Either way his apparent hypocrisy and homophobia are worth discussing. Here's more of Dustin unclothed from those first few weeks of the Fratpad in 2006.


So a few days ago, I posted the story of Devin Draz beng arrested whilst in Arizona.
And I also said that Doug from ASG had a lovely post about the whole affair on his site Doug's Diary.
Well, this just takes the cake!!
There is a video of Devin Draz stealing cash from Doug....posted on YouTube and now here for you as well.
Read the WHOLE story, please. It is truly upsetting and I hope that all works out in the end....for all parties.

05 May 2011


Since Ive moved, it has been a HUGE adventure!
Well, sexually at least.
Ive been here since the beginning of April and the men are AMAZING!!!
Heres one that decided to eat me for lunch!
"The Camera"


Country music star and The Voice judge Blake Shelton, who suggested that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay over the weekend, went a step further on Wednesday and advocated homophobic violence in a tweet that parodied a Shania Twain song.

La Figa repots on Shelton, who said he was “Re-writing my fav Shania Twain song” when he tweeted,
“Any man that tries
Touching my behind
He’s gonna be a beaten, bleedin’, heaving kind of guy…”Over the weekend, Shelton, a popular judge on the NBC singing program, cracked an antigay joke when he hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards with Reba McEntire. He suggested that Jake Gyllenhaal had left Taylor Swift because the actor “was in Brokeback Mountain,” which prompted laughter from the audience in Las Vegas.
The homophobic tweet already has prompted an outcry, leading Shelton to call his critics "dumb asses" on Twitter, where he also suggested their concerns represent "antigay hate tweets." GLAAD called on the singer to apologize Thursday morning and said it had contacted producers at The Voice, known for being a gay-friendly show.

Are you fucking kidding me? Is this dickhead really that fucking stupid? Doesnt he realize that EVERYONE follows Twitter and will report the littlest item?? And to call a world famous actor gay and think that there wont be backlash??
What a douche! I will NEVER watch this show again until he is gone!
It's 2011 people! Hate speak will not stand in our society!!


So, I had been sent these snaps.
Back in the 90's, when you subscribed to MEN or FRESHMEN, you received a little gift.
My subscription gift was a VHS tape of HOME ALL ALONE. It was a video of guys masturbating. Brian Madsen was on it, and so was this bloke, JAMES CURRAN! I just never knew his name until now.
James played a surfer who wanked in the back yard of a home in California and played with a garden hose....thats not a pun....
It had a sort of amateur feel to it, but god, it got me off so many times!!!
Enjoy my blast from my past!!!


It has been a while since I posted some great amateur snaps that I have received.
There are some that I took myself and some were sent to me...
Enjoy them!
I enjoyed some of these blokes!!

"The Camera"

02 May 2011


So to celebrate, I thought I would honour the American military with a few snaps that I have been sent (or taken myself!)

"The Camera"


You know, I really like interviewing those in the adult industry.
I learn so very much when they reveal the little things that we all would love to know.

I am THRILLED to let you all know that none other than JAMES JAMESSON has agreed to be interviewed by yours truly!

We are so lucky that he agreed to this interview.
In light of what is happening in the biz, with that Porn Wiki Leaks idiot ruining peoples lives, the hacking of AIM's database of client info....the time is right to hear from Mr. Jamesson.

I am excited because I think he is an incredibly smart man. I think Mr. Jamesson will surprise quite a few people in this interview. I am grateful that he will take some time out of his schedule for us all and for my readers in South Africa, too!

Keep watching! This interview will be posted soon!

 "The Camera"