02 July 2011


I figured that in honour of the upcoming Independence Day, I would share some snaps of the most iconic male model --- Joseph Sayers.
I have accumulated numerous snaps of him and I am sharing almost all of them.
We all remember Joe Sayers from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue.
 And some of Joseph's earlier shoots seemed a little stiff, but he still looked good! Joseph hadnt been "discovered" yet. One photographer had found him, but that's for later.....

 And, as always, there are always outtakes in a photoshoot....such as when the nude model gets an erection!
 Joe Sayers returned to New York and went back to work....tending bar! No joke! This gorgeous example of male perfection tended bar!! No one thought he would be a couture model since he is only 5'6" tall!

 Joe Sayers as Wolvering for Halloween!

 But then Joseph Sayers was found. He was seen in every magazine and on adverts. His sleek look and cut and chiseled features made him a HOT commodity! And ....he was never afraid to show his body to the camera. His photoshoots always showed us how proud he was of his body and that he was fearless. There was always an ease about him in his shots....as if we were catching him at private moments but he didnt care if we watched.

 Photographers wanted to "dirty" Joseph up a little.
With the oiled up and gritty look, these photogs accomplished just that!
Again, with that fearless attitude and gorgeous looks, Joe Sayers attacked those photoshoots with gusto, creating some iconic images in male modeling.

 But where did it all start?
How did Joe Sayers become the envy of males and females alike?
Below is Joe's yearbook photo....
 When Joe Sayers was 18 years old, a photographer talked him into doing some nude shots in a hotel. These shots actually helped Joe.
However, one other thing he did in that photoshoot was do a wank video.
This video has since been bought by Joe Sayers and he owns the rights to it, so it will never see the light of day again.
However, some shots have leaked onto the internet along with some shots from the actual video.

Even with his face blurred, you can see that it is Joe Sayers and he looks AMAZING!!!
Hope you liked my Joseph Sayers collection of snaps!!
"The Camera"