25 June 2011


You have to check this video out...This is THE perfect staraight guy....er...."straight" guy.
His name is Carson and he was a dancer and bartender in WeHo.


"The Camera"


A Southwest Airlines pilot has been suspended after he accidentally broadcast his conversation about the "fags" and "grannies" that he works with as flight attendants. This man should really never be allowed to fly a plane again. (Conversation link below - you should hear how this douche bag speaks about others!!)

Because of a stuck headset microphone, this unnamed Southwest pilot, broadcast his thoughts about the "gays," "grannies," and "grandes" (which we can only imagine to mean overweight ladies) that comprise the crew of flight attendants he works with in Chicago. (Well, at least he didn't call them stewardesses.) Instead of the conversation remaining private—he seems to be talking to a fellow pilot in the cockpit—the audio went out over the air traffic control frequency and every other plane in the Houston area. You picked the wrong day to lean on the on-button, my friend.

The guy wasn't finished though. He goes on to complain that he never gets to go out with his co-workers, and the one time he did go out with two "chicks" from work, neither of them wanted to sleep with him. The audacity! He then shares his thoughts on how ugly the women who work in Houston are. This guy should know better than to mess with Texas.

The pilots of other planes in the area quickly made it known that they weren't responsible for the broadcast. But the FAA was notified and they figured out who the culprit was, and Southwest announced that it had suspended the pilot after learning of the incident in March. He's since been allowed to return to his job, though, following some "diversity education," the airline said in a statement today. WHAT?!?!

They let this guy back on the job? I will NEVER fly Southwest again! All we can hope is that the "gays" and "grannies" he works with have come up with an awful nickname for him and are using it to his face. How about "asshole"? That seems to fit.


In a historic vote with far-reaching implications, the New York State Senate passed the marriage equality bill Friday, making New York the sixth and most populous state in addition to Washington, D.C., to offer civil marriage for same-sex couples.

The 33-29 vote, including four Republicans, came at the end of the legislative session and capped a dramatic week in Albany, where loud protests for and against the bill, many based in religious belief, filled the hallways outside the Senate chamber and the majority conference room at the state capitol. New York became the first state with a Republican-controlled legislative body to pass a marriage equality bill, following passage multiple times in the Democratic-controlled state Assembly since 2007.

The marriage equality law will take effect 30 days after being signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Home to almost 20 million people and the nation’s largest city, New York will double the number of Americans living in a state with marriage equality and bring international attention to the latest chapter in the gay rights movement. The development appears destined to become a national turning point, with litigation pending in the federal court system and legislation under consideration in other states while public opinion trends toward majority support for marriage equality, according to recent polls.

In the immediate future, the vote in New York would seem to demand a response from President Barack Obama, who continues to evolve on his marriage equality position. In an address to gay Democratic donors at a major Pride Month fund-raiser in Manhattan Thursday, he said he supported equal rights for couples but stopped short of supporting gay marriage.

The Senate vote in New York caps an intensely coordinated, bipartisan campaign under the direction of Gov. Cuomo that raised an estimated $2 million, more than half of it from Republican-affiliated donors. The governor worked with New Yorkers United for Marriage, a bipartisan coalition of five LGBT organizations: Human Rights Campaign, Empire State Pride Agenda, Log Cabin Republicans, Marriage Equality New York, and Freedom To Marry.

Such coordination, let alone victory, seemed nearly unimaginable less than two years ago, when in December 2009 the marriage equality bill failed in the then Democratic-controlled Senate by a vote of 24 to 38, with no Republicans in support. Since that time, Republicans regained control of the Senate and gay donors helped unseat three senators, two Democrats and one Republican, who voted against the bill, replacing them with yes votes to bring the measure six votes of passing of passing at the start of this year.

The marriage equality push found a champion in Cuomo, a popular Democratic governor and former attorney general who took office in January. Under the supervision of his office, the New Yorkers United for Marriage coalition formed this spring, pulling together resources in a way never before seen on the state level to execute a unified communications, field and lobbying campaign targeting voters and undecided state senators.

Following months of quiet preparation, the campaign launched publicly in April and quickly coalesced its message around a poll that showed 58% of New Yorkers, a historic majority, supported the legalization of same-sex marriage. Business, labor and religious leaders spoke in support, while a range of celebrities, sports figures, everyday New Yorkers, and elected officials, including former president Bill Clinton, endorsed the effort. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered a public speech on the topic, in addition to lobbying and fund-raising.

Powerful forces of opposition also converged in New York. The Catholic Church and the National Organization for Marriage lobbied against the marriage equality bill, and the influential Conservative Party of New York State vowed to withhold its endorsement from any Republican lawmaker who supported the proposal. In the end, their efforts failed, although concerns within the Republican Senate conference resulted in a week-long negotiation over religious protections that at times seemed to threaten the bill’s prospects.

Long in development, momentum for marriage equality seemed to take hold in the second-to-last week of the legislative session, when three undecided Democratic state senators who voted no in 2009 announced they would support the bill, bringing every member of their conference on board except the avowedly antigay Ruben Diaz Sr. Soon after, James Alesi, the first Republican state senator to support the bill, joined them, followed by his colleague Roy McDonald.

The total number of senators in support of the bill stood at 31, just one vote shy of passage until the last moment, when the Republican conference under the leadership of Sen. Dean Skelos announced it would bring the measure to the floor for a vote.

Two more Republican votes, from Stephen Saland and Mark Grisanti, remained unrevealed until the floor debate, adding to the suspense as Pride weekend began in New York City.


So....remember I posted about this new site?
Well you have to check these blokes out!! Too bloody hot!!
And this scene made my cock rock hard. You know I dont promote unless I really like the site...well this one has all the amateur stuff that I love!!!

Dayton from FRATERNITY X says:
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24 June 2011


I LOOOOVE Marcus Mojo AKA Landon Mycles. His body is AMAZING. He is gorgeous. and he is quite vocal when he is getting fucked and when he cums....I love that.
When he moans, I cant help but get closer to the edge....
Marcus Mojo is my new hottie! MMMMMMMMMM yes!

So for my 400th post, here are a few of Mr. Mojo's scenes!
Too Hot!!

HAPPY 400th POST!!!





James Franco's new film — which he not only stars in but also wrote, directed, and produced — chronicles the short life of tortured gay poet Hart Crane.

The black-and-white movie is called The Broken Tower, named for one of Crane's last publications. The poet, who killed himself at 32 in 1932, was behind obtuse poems that featured frequent metaphors. The Los Angeles Times caught up with Franco at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and he told the paper he doesn't understand much of Crane's work.
"I couldn’t even tell you what half his stuff means," literature-lover Franco said, according to the Times. "But what inspired me is his spirit and drive. He cared so much about his work, even when nobody else understood it."

The film features graphic sex scenes as well as Crane reading a poem aloud for 10 minutes straight. Crane will be the second gay poet Franco has portrayed — the first being Allen Ginsberg in Howl. Franco received an Independent Spirit Award in 2009 for his role as Harvey Milk's boyfriend Scott Smith in Gus Van Sant's Milk.

I am in love with James Franco. Not because he is stunningly handsome. But because of his determination, perseverance and nerve to do what he wants when he wants. He decided upon his new project and took the reigns.
Regardless of the character's sexuality (or because of it) he takes and creates roles that others are too afraid to approach or attempt. James is not afraid to be gay on film, to kiss another man, to show love and intimacy between two men. He does not fear the Hollywood stigma of being pigeon-holed as "a gay character."
I applaud James Franco and will be a supporter for life of this incredibly talented man!


"The Camera"

23 June 2011


So, I came across (pun intended) some pics of clothed guys in the same poses unclothed as a comparison.
I like the idea....so now I need to find more of these!!
Like them?

Now NOTHING....and I mean NOTHING beats being a muscle guy having a stay in a local hotel where he can dress up in a girlie little dress and suck on a huge long dildo as he strokes off  to porn as he listens through his headphones just as the maid walks in!
I wanted to share that moment with you all!!
"The Camera"

22 June 2011


You might already heard about it. Hottie Emmanuel DelCour, a contestant of Bravo’s reality show Chef Academy, has a porn past. He’s a Straight porn star Jean Val Jean who won AVN Male Foreign Performer of the Year in 2007.
This bit of news appeared on many sites and a few gay blogsites.....
But what intrigued me was his porn past. I want to see his hot stud in XXX action but I didn’t find any on those news websites. So I browsed around the internet and these are what I found.  Jean Val Jean/ Emmanuel's 6'2' tall 185.lbs, light brown hair, muscular and aroun' 7.5 uncut pole.
Emmanuel DelCour is smoking HOT! He had a minor role in CSI and Keeping up with the Kardashians. He also starred in a low-budget vampire thriller ‘Immortally Yours’/'Kiss of the Vampire’. He’s also a competitive bodybuilder.
Here is a sample of Emmanual's porn. WARNING - it is straight porn, but hes too fucking hot for me NOT to post this!!

Incredibly hot cougar Kayla Synz hardcore pussy pounding brought to you by PornHub

21 June 2011


You all know how much I love a hot guy with great ink.
So here are some more guys with art.....
Click on the snaps to enlarge them!

So, the next guy was in my collection for a while. Then I came across (no pun intended) the second picture of him taking it in his bum! That made my day!!

 And this guy on the beach....TOO HOT!! And then I got a shot of him from behind...Bloody Hell!!!

 And Im sorry, but the next bloke is too hot for words...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............

"The Camera"


Check out this site guys!
Its pretty hot!
I was impressed with it....it made me cum more than once!

20 June 2011


The United Nations' Human Rights Council has approved for the first time a resolution condemning discrimination and violence against LGBT people.

In the resolution, passed Friday in Geneva, the council “[expresses] grave concern at acts of violence and discrimination, in all regions of the world, committed against individuals because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

By a 23-19 vote with three abstentions, the resolution calls for the U.N.'s High Commissioner to initiate a worldwide study on "discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence" — research that would be reviewed by the Human Rights Council in a session next year. The measure was introduced by South Africa, one of 12 African nations on the council.

“The fact that South Africa broke with the rest of the Africa bloc at the UN to lead this resolution helps tremendously in dispelling the notion that LGBT rights are imposed Western constructs,” Council for Global Equality chair Mark Bromley told The Advocate via email. “This should help the debate significantly in Africa and elsewhere, where the laws and the violence have been pronounced.”

South Africa and Mauritius were the only nations of the African Group on the council to vote in favor of the resolution, however, with Nigeria the most vocal opponent (note: a previous version of this post reported that South Africa had been the sole nation in the group to vote in favor). But Zambia, where LGBT people can be imprisoned for up to 10 years for "unnatural" sexual acts, and Burkina Faso were among the abstentions — "a positive sign that the Africa bloc is not as unified in opposition as they have been in the past," Bromley said.

Bromley’s organization stressed in a Friday statement the need for “ongoing U.S. leadership at the U.N. to address the human rights of LGBT people in any meaningful way.”

“We hope the U.S. government will work in partnership with South Africa and the other co-sponsors as this dialogue unfolds so that these words can be transformed into actual human rights protections on the ground," Bromley said in the statement.

19 June 2011


So, last night I went out with some friends for a birthday. We went to a place that was very wierd.....a bowling alley that was a bar/lounge.
It tried too hard to be what it was...wierd place, wierd staff, wierd air.....
It was great seeing firends and having fun with them as they drank Sangria.....
Met some new friends last night too who were super sweet.
So....in honour of my friend's birthday, I figured I would tap into my past and post some great militray guys....ahhhh, my days in the Navy.....
I had a roommate named ....lets call him KK. KK was great, a super friend and very hot. I even got him into bed one night during a thunder and lightning storm! And he was always undressed and had the thickest cock I had ever seen!!!
His body was perfect.....sorry, got caught up in MY moment there....
Enjoy the snaps!