17 February 2007

Follow up to.....BRENT EVERETT

I decided to combine all my BRENT EVERETT videos together to make them easier for you all to download and enjoy!

First we have the famous bathroom scene between Brent and Chase MacKenzie that was shot in an actual public restroom in Vancouver, BC. SUPER HOT guys!!!


Here we have the preview to Brent's Company's first release WANTIN MORE.


And here we have a HOT scene from Brent's movie MY OVERSTUFFED JEANS.


ENJOY THEM GUYS!! I hope you like them!

"The Camera"


This is a totally true story. I saw the story on CNN Headline News this morning and had to post about it. MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) -- Russian prosecutors said on Tuesday they were investigating a campaign group's complaint that conscripts were bullied into working in a prostitution ring run by older servicemen.
In the latest embarrassment for Russia's military, one soldier said he was tortured with electric shocks until he agreed to have sex with clients, according to testimony collected by a campaign group.
The group also said it had witness statements that conscripts were sold to clients outside the gates of their unit in St Petersburg's historic center, and that other liaisons were arranged on the Internet and by telephone.
"Conscripts are very well aware of places such as special clubs where they can be picked up," said Ella Polyakova, St Petersburg head of the Soldiers' Mothers Committee, a non-governmental organization.
"We have several witnesses to it, and one of them gave us a written statement that he was forced to do it after he had been beaten and tortured with an electric current," Polyakova said.
The group alleged that the prostitution ring revolved around an Interior Ministry unit based next to the Hermitage Museum, the former Tsarist palace and home to a world-renowned art collection that attracts thousands of tourists a year.
Andrei Pichugin, a spokesman for the military prosecutor's office in St Petersburg, confirmed that an inquiry had been opened. He declined to make any further comment.
Russian media quoted an Interior Ministry spokesman in Moscow saying the conscript at the center of the complaints was mentally unstable.
The spokesman said prostitution claims were "intended to discredit the institution of military service."
Bullying and abuse is commonplace in Russia's military, where recruits serve 18 months and face hazing by older soldiers called "dedovshchina," or "rule of the grandfathers."
In some cases death or serious injury results. Doctors last year had to amputate an abused soldier's legs and genitals.
That caused deep embarrassment for Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, widely expected to run to replace President Vladimir Putin in 2008 when he steps down.
More often, dedovshchina means soldiers are forced to steal or beg and hand over earnings to their tormentors. Some officers have been prosecuted for renting soldiers out as laborers.

Now, when I read this story I was absolutely disgusted.....but then I thought to myself....
"If the Navy was this way when I was in it, I would have NEVER left!!"
I know that's terrible, and this is a sad sad story, but doesnt it just twist the DONT ASK DONT TELL policy into knots??
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15 February 2007


Brent Everett (born on February 10, 1984) is one of the most sought-after young male porn stars of the early 2000s. Since his first performances in early 2003, Everett has been in over fourteen productions for a wide range of studios.
In his early work Brent was classified by studios as a twink however more recently he has become too muscular to comfortably fit within this term. A number of reasons have been given for his popularity and these include his cute smile, pouty lips, "washboard" abdominal muscles, smooth body, bubble butt and 8 + inch penis. In addition, Brent is famous for his huge "money shots" - shooting sometimes as far as several feet. He has several defining tattoos on his arms. The tattoo on his right arm is a picture of scroll with three Chinese characters that read "Dustin". He also has two lines tattooed just below his left elbow.
Everett has performed bareback (both top and bottom) in films for various studios (including his debut in Barebacking Across America for Tipo Sesso when he was 18 years old), but most of these were with his boyfriend Chase McKenzie, with whom he started his career in porn. McKenzie had appeared in many films that prominently feature Everett as a cover model. In most appearances, Everett both tops and bottoms in his videos.

Everett has not signed as an "exclusive" for any of the major porn studios, as a lot of other actors have. This has allowed him to switch from one major porn company to the next. He appeared as the centerfold model in Freshmen magazine's September 2003 issue, and has had a lot of appearances as a model in Playguy magazine. He was holding out to pursue a career with Falcon Studios, but was initially turned down due to his prior experience in unprotected gay films. Despite this rejection, he continued to pursue his career in gay porn, and recently starred in a Falcon Studios production titled Super Soaked. Barebacking (unprotected sex) on film by a gay porn star usually means you will be turned down by the major companies. As with Everett, this policy is adjusted if you are a very popular performer. Everett, was able to flip back and forth between barebacking and protected sex on film without question, while others (Jackson Price and Jeff Palmer) are subsequently banned and ridiculed by the major industry directors.
To further extend his career in porn, Everett opened his own subscription web site in late 2004, offering video streams, image downloads, live web cam shows and an online shop where he sells, among other things, his used underwear. In addition, he set up his own distribution company by the name of Triple X Studios for which he stars in and directs movies such as the much anticipated Wantin’ More.
WANTIN MORE preview:

In August 2006, Channel 1 Releasing announced that Everett will appear in three new movies for Chi Chi LaRue: Sized Up, Starting Young and Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3. The blacklisting by the major porn companies (Channel 1, Falcon, Catalina) of porn stars who bareback, does not seem to apply to him.

The picture above is from Brent's movie My Overstuffed Jeans. And I am including it for you all to download!!
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There's no way I could forget about HARDCORE HUMP DAY!!! And these snaps are some goodies!!

I LOVE this picture! It's so bloody hot! The hot top holding his bottom's leg up as he buries himself deep into him.....mmmmmmmmmmm...........cant wait for my man to return home.....Now I have ideas!

These shots are from MANHUNT from HOTHOUSE.COM........Enjoy them!

See you all tomorrow!
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14 February 2007


PART TWOJohnny’s appearance of the average guy who loves sex and what he does is not just a fa├žade. He is genuine and real and has a brain that thinks about more than the sex industry or a paycheck. He seemed to get very serious when we started talking about the stigma of the adult industry with all of its pitfalls. Many people think the adult industry is riddled with problems – drugs, prostitution, negative body issues – and has a negative effect on its participants. The porn industry leads to bad things according to the general public both in the US and South Africa. In discussing this with Johnny I even referenced the recent mess with Marcus Allen’s murder charge.
Johnny thought that those ideas were true to some degree. “Adult entertainment CAN lead to these things,” he said, but quickly finished with, “but so can beauty pageants, fraternity hazing and a bad childhood. It can happen anywhere.”

Then Johnny started talking about the media involvement in it all. “Its’ almost like a sub-culture that’s ignored by the rest of the world and some people get lost in the absurdity of it all. Bad things happen,” Hazzard stated, “just like anywhere else. Of course, when the word ‘porn’ is involved, you can bet the media will have a field day. As with any other field of work or lifestyle, you just have to keep a level head.”

Sometimes the public’s perception of the industry is really quite absurd. “People will always assume that what they see on film is real – it’s an unfortunate reality,” Johnny told me. “My personal life differs only slightly from what is on film……I guess that’s another reason perhaps why I have done so well. I do not steal, I do not hang out in public bathrooms or truckstops and I certainly do not run around the hills of California in the nude. Well, at least not in winter!” Johnny said with a playful smirk and a twinkle in his eyes.

As we talked I could see just how comfortable he was talking about himself, not in a conceited way at all, just a comfort he has with himself and the skin he’s in. I wanted something a bit more personal from him, a look into who Johnny was behind the ‘star.’
“Okay,” Johnny said, “Well… I am a sucker for pizza, good beer, cheese sticks and chocolate chip cookies – usually in that order!”

On the subject of attraction, Johnny got pretty revealing, but not just about superficialities. “Initially a tall, built, dark-haired man will get my attention, but what keeps me interested varies. I have learned that what I think I want isn’t necessarily what I need. I find that out when what I need comes knocking at my door. I really don’t limit myself or others with exceptions or requirements.”

I wanted to steer our conversation back to career for just a bit, so I sprung something on Johnny. A gay publication in South Africa had done a survey and Johnny Hazzard ranked number one in gay adult stars, calling him an icon and capturing an astounding 72% of male votes – 18,986 to be excact!
“That number is a little overwhelming, but it really is exciting to hear,” Johnny said with a big smile. “I never expected to be a porn ‘star’ when I got into this business. It was supposed to be a nice little sideline for a while and a few years later I am being called the number one adult icon in a whole country!”

And because of that icon status, people want to know what his plans are for the future. Well, on that subject he is decidedly mum. “I have no real plans to direct or produce, but you know what? I never planned to do porn, I never planned to walk the runway during Fashion Week (namely the Heatherette show) and I never planned to record a single either. You never know what the next day holds.”

Johnny (on RIGHT) walking the HEATHERETTE runway at Fashion Week.
Before our time was through Johnny had one last message for all of his fans both in the US and South Africa. “I would like to thank all my fans…. Especially those that have participated in my blog at HazzardAhead.com. And now that I know I have a big following down in South Africa, I hope to see more comments from there! And very soon we’ll be launching a brand new site that will be bigger and better than anything we’ve done so far! Thank you to all my fans out there!”

Johnny HAS thanked his fans by doing yet another film with Chi Chi LaRue titled WHEN BEARS ATTACK, in which he stars with eight of the hottest bears in the business.

“We took on the elements and prevailed,” LaRue said. “Whatever possessed me to shoot an outdoor movie at the end of November I will never know, but with the help of a terrific cast and crew I think we've made a solid movie.”
Shot on location in the mountains North of Los Angeles, "When Bears Attack" begins with Johnny Hazzard trying to escape the city for a weekend at his cabin in the mountains. Upon his arrival at the cabin, Johnny is inspired by the beauty of nature to strip down and release all of his stress in an outdoor jack off scene.
"It was one of the hottest cum shots I have ever caught on film," LaRue said. "Johnny blasted himself right in the face!”
The video comes to a climax with all six of the bears taking part in a rampaging gang bang of Johnny that ends with him drenched with all of their cum.
"Having to work with 6 real hot, real hairy muscled men was a little intimidating but we had an all star cast and an even better crew so it turned out to be a real enjoyable and testosterone fueled fuck fest" Hazzard said.
So take a trip to the woods with Johnny Hazzard in WHEN BEARS ATTACK from Rascal Video.

Johnny Hazzard is one of the most down to earth and real performers in the gay adult industry. He is genuine without being full of himself and is a consummate professional.
A genuine person in the entertainment industry is quite rare and because of that, I honestly think that Mr. Hazzard will go above and beyond even his expectations. I, along with his many fans, look forward to seeing what “the next day holds.”

And make sure you check out his blog at HazzardAhead!
Enjoy some of these great Johnny Hazzard snaps.....

I really did enjoy interviewing Johnny Hazzard. He was helpful and really open with his answers. Johnny wrote to me and said that he enjoyed the interview and that he liked the final product......and that made me extremely happy. If my subject likes how I have presented them, then I know that Ive captured something.
When the cover of the magazine comes out, I will post it here.
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13 February 2007


We cannot forget AMATEUR TUESDAY, can we??
Assembled here are some of the shots that were sent to me this week......some are really quite good!! Now, this is what I'd call a fantastic kitchen appliance!

These shots I get from guys in cars are super! Now, why can't I be on this road when this bloke is in need of a helping hand? Does AAA cover this?
Okay......now this bkoke decided to give me a whole show. The next 2 snaps are of this bloke tossing off and then using 2 dildos to get himself off! WOW!

Well, I hope you like these amateur shots I got in my mailbox!
Part 2 of the Johnny Hazzard interview will be posted later.
Stay tuned for more fun!!
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