29 November 2011


Sorry ----- Ive been away guys!
Ive had work, concerts and then more work!

I have received so many emails making sure I was okay....
I AM! I am still healthy! I am what the doctors call N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease) and I am thrilled that I seem to be done with radiation and chemo! It's been a year and change since my last treatment!

BUT I wanted to post a little of what's cumming from G4TC in December....

Firstly, Im doing a little bit of an expose/piece on a bloke with a Tumblr. His name is Jonn - with two n's!

His site NO NEED FOR SHIRTS is a great site, but the guy has been harrassed by an anonymous message poster.

I asked but he didnt want to be interviewed but his collection of snaps will be on G4TC and as always, I will post my take on the situation.

Speaking of that.....
Secondly, Im doing an article for two mags about internet haters - why people feel it is necessary to post such hate and bile hidden behind the "anonymous" label.
I hope that Jonn reads it!
I will post it here for you to read.

Of course I cannot post anything without posting my collections.

Blondes, blowjobs, hardcore, cumshots, porn stars and some industry gossip....along with news items that affect the community.

Stick around guys!
It's gonna get bloody hot!!!

"The Camera"