30 April 2011


I know, it's a long title for a post...but......

As most of you know, I dont ever vehemently promote or discount anything. Everything I say is always tongue in cheek.
This is so upsetting. I have too many friends in the industry and this story from The Daily Beast really made me bloody pissed!

From The Daily Beast:
Like many of the women who perform in porn for a couple of years, Monica Foster knew that people might find out her real name. She even self-published a book warning others considering getting into the industry about the impossibility of total anonymity.

What she didn't expect was Porn Wikileaks, a website that became infamous on Wednesday after Gawker.com ran a story about the renegade website's attempts to expose the identities of thousands of porn performers. (Gawker also implied that Porn Wikileaks has revealed the performers' STD statuses, which, so far, isn't true.) Revealing porn actors' real names is significant because, for every Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey working today, there are thousands of other people who have worked in porn who are now teachers, lawyers, doctors, housewives—people with a vested interest in keeping their past concealed by a pseudonym.

"They posted pictures of my dad, my mom, my sister," says Foster. "They put pictures of their residence and their actual addresses and private phone numbers. They posted a photo of my apartment." Despite years in adult entertainment, this exposure of her private life was unprecedented and unanticipated, says Foster. She has been driven nearly "psychotic" by it. "My mom is a school teacher and people have emailed and called the elementary school," she says. "No other website has done anything like that unless they were stalkers, and that is what I think about the people who run that website. I have been living in fear."

This fear has engulfed much of the porn world, as Porn Wikileaks has threatened to destroy one of the central pillars of the adult-film industry: anonymity. But who is the man behind the website? For all the power Porn Wikileaks wields, most porn stars suspect that the man in charge of it is someone they think very little of. His name, they say, is Donald Carlos Seoane, a.k.a. Donny Long, a washed-up former porn actor and director who, according to a separate website dedicated to exposing him, has had multiple run-ins with the law.

Reached by The Daily Beast via email, a person who admits to creating the website—but who denies that he's Donny Long—offered, in a rant characteristic of all his responses, a quixotic and nonsensical motive for the creation of Porn Wikileaks: "To get the gays out of straight porn and illegal gay pimps that have ruined porn and shut it down making condoms mandatory by the government now. The fag loving has got to stop. California is full of gay Mexicans and now they can even marry which is so wrong." As for the potential safety risk of giving out information like the home addresses of porn stars, the creator of Porn Wikileaks offers: "Do you consider it a safety risk to make other people in the real worlds [sic] addresses and information public like Abortion doctors, government workers, or attention whores working at Starbucks with their cleavage hanging out?"

These sorts of wildly racist and homophobic rants reflect the tone of Porn Wikileaks itself. For instance, a single generic sentence in the entry for porn star James Jamesson reads:
James Jamesson Real Name ********* is an HIV+ pornographic whore, and Hooker. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page ******* Born: *****
Contact email: *****
Twitter: http://twitter.com/*****
It is also known that James is the one that gave HIV to Cameron Reid and that's why James refuses to post a current blood test and claims to not do bareback now.
Topped and anally creampied HIV+ Derek Chambers aka Cameron Reed aka Derrick Burts and bragged afterwards. The video has since been removed from Youtube at Jamesson's request.
On twitter he threw a big fit tweeting everyone that he was going to have this site shut down and went on for days about how he got a lawyer and all this other junk. In the end he couldnt do anything but take his HIV meds.
(I will not leak his personal information!! - The Camera)

All of the porn stars on Porn Wikileaks are referred to as whores and Hookers.

It's worth noting that Donny Long's entry on Porn Wikileaks is more self-serving: "Donny Long is the last hetero man willing to stand up [sic] the Gay Mafia destroying porn. He is retired in the porn business in California because he sold his business but still tells the truth about the fag crossovers destroying straight porn as we know it."

The website has been known for months among a small group of adult-industry insiders and bloggers who choose not to give it attention or links. Among those who held off writing about the site was porn blogger Mike South, who earlier this week stepped forward and alleged that Porn Wikileaks got the names of the porn stars from a breach of the AIM database, the database used by the industry to track the HIV-test status of performers. (Performers in straight porn are required to be HIV tested every 28 days, and most of them are tested through AIM.)
According to South: "I've known about PornWikileaks for quite awhile. And I have had a lot of people pushing me to expose it. People have been exposing performer names forever. But when I had proof that the information came from AIM that got my attention." The number of names is also attention grabbing—AIM told NBC Los Angeles they are investigating the possible leak of 12,000 names from their database.

The person claiming to be behind Porn Wikileaks responded via email with some ambiguity to questions about whether the website had obtained the porn stars' information from the AIM database: "No medical records have been leaked yet that we have seen but people post anonymously on our site everyday." Meanwhile, a great deal more information may be landing on the website soon. "We have some even bigger leaks coming soon including 2257's and models releases of thousands of movies." 2257s are documents required by the government from anyone distributing a pornographic film to prove each performer is of legal age. Such releases would contain not only home addresses, but photocopies of two forms of identification—among those commonly used are a driver's license, social security card, or birth certificate.

Such sensitive information in the hands of a loose cannon is understandably unnerving to those it might affect. Whoever is posting it—whether that be Donny Long, as most in the porn world believe, or an anonymous hacker—has set the industry on edge.

But it's worth noting that in today's Internet age, the private information about adult performers is far more available than it used to be. Porn Wikileaks may be a new scourge of the industry, but it's really just a website aggregating much of what's already been made public by Google. Because of this, people like Monica Foster aren't sure they ever would have done porn had they known what the future would hold.

"I did not think any of this could happen when I entered porn," she says. "I have always been a supporter of the industry...But what some people are doing here with this site is really sick."

This Donny Long guy is a sick twisted fuck. To reveal the real names of anyone in the industry could potentially put them at risk of homophobic attacks and danger. Why would anyone do this?
Probably someone who has this kind of a record:

29 April 2011


Popular—and polarizing—porn stud Mason Wyler is back on your telly with a new hardcore flick from Dark Alley Media cheekily titled THE DARK SIDE.
The announcement that he had inked to film for the studio was made a few months ago.
“Watch closely as these trash-talking cum-cravers finally show the world their true colors,” reads the press description. “These uncaged whores fill five rough scenes with the primal sexual fury of wild animals.”
Costars for the condomless sexplay include Antonio Biaggi, Chad Brock, Marco Cruise, Jim Ferro and Brandon Hawk. Performer-mogul Owen Hawk is the director.
Mr. Wyler became a fan-favorite almost immediately following his erotic debut in 2006; last year he became one of the very few working models to disclose his HIV-positive status.
And Mason's website, http://www.wylernation.com/, has been rebuilt, retooled and rethought. It lloks great. And we here hope that Mason continues to make movies for years to cum!


And didnt she look stunning in that Alexander McQueen gown?
And Prince William and Prince Harry were looking quite stunning themselves!!


So, Chris Noth, Keiffer Sutherland, Jim Gaffigan and Jason Patrick, now starring on Broadway in THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON, were doing a little runway fashion walk for charity, Dressed To Kilt.
They all decided to be just like true Scotsmen and have the appropriate undergarments on....NOTHING!
They even had the wonderful idea to show us that they were going commando!

Now it's official....Mr.Big has some balls!!

"The Camera"

28 April 2011


This is why you won’t be seeing any new porn scenes from Devin Draz (aka Darren Stapely) any time soon.
He was arrested in Arizona for violating probation on multiple narcotics charges.
On a related note, Doug DeLong — of Amateur Straight Guys — has an epic post on his personal blog chronicling his falling out with Draz at www.dougsdiary.com.


27 April 2011


Budweiser released a new military-themed ad on Tuesday, and some are speculating that it is aimed at the gay community.

The ad, which is viewer-restricted on YouTube, shows a soldier calling a man and saying, "It's me. I'm coming home." It then shows a split screen, with the soldier getting ready to go home and the man preparing a party for him. At the end of the ad, the man is at the front of a group of people welcoming the soldier home, and the two hug.

All of this got the site After Elton wondering if Budweiser had essentially crafted the first-ever post-Don't Ask Don't Tell gay military ad.
"Is the commercial intentionally gay or not?" the site mused. "Well, only Budweiser knows for sure, but if you substituted a woman for PB, it would read pretty much exactly like a heterosexual relationship."

24 April 2011


If I could wake up every morning with a mouth on my cock, or one in my mouth, that would be the PERFECT existence!
I love watching a mans cock slide in and out of another mans mouth.....so sensual, so intimate, so thrilling....

"The Camera"