15 February 2007


Brent Everett (born on February 10, 1984) is one of the most sought-after young male porn stars of the early 2000s. Since his first performances in early 2003, Everett has been in over fourteen productions for a wide range of studios.
In his early work Brent was classified by studios as a twink however more recently he has become too muscular to comfortably fit within this term. A number of reasons have been given for his popularity and these include his cute smile, pouty lips, "washboard" abdominal muscles, smooth body, bubble butt and 8 + inch penis. In addition, Brent is famous for his huge "money shots" - shooting sometimes as far as several feet. He has several defining tattoos on his arms. The tattoo on his right arm is a picture of scroll with three Chinese characters that read "Dustin". He also has two lines tattooed just below his left elbow.
Everett has performed bareback (both top and bottom) in films for various studios (including his debut in Barebacking Across America for Tipo Sesso when he was 18 years old), but most of these were with his boyfriend Chase McKenzie, with whom he started his career in porn. McKenzie had appeared in many films that prominently feature Everett as a cover model. In most appearances, Everett both tops and bottoms in his videos.

Everett has not signed as an "exclusive" for any of the major porn studios, as a lot of other actors have. This has allowed him to switch from one major porn company to the next. He appeared as the centerfold model in Freshmen magazine's September 2003 issue, and has had a lot of appearances as a model in Playguy magazine. He was holding out to pursue a career with Falcon Studios, but was initially turned down due to his prior experience in unprotected gay films. Despite this rejection, he continued to pursue his career in gay porn, and recently starred in a Falcon Studios production titled Super Soaked. Barebacking (unprotected sex) on film by a gay porn star usually means you will be turned down by the major companies. As with Everett, this policy is adjusted if you are a very popular performer. Everett, was able to flip back and forth between barebacking and protected sex on film without question, while others (Jackson Price and Jeff Palmer) are subsequently banned and ridiculed by the major industry directors.
To further extend his career in porn, Everett opened his own subscription web site in late 2004, offering video streams, image downloads, live web cam shows and an online shop where he sells, among other things, his used underwear. In addition, he set up his own distribution company by the name of Triple X Studios for which he stars in and directs movies such as the much anticipated Wantin’ More.
WANTIN MORE preview:

In August 2006, Channel 1 Releasing announced that Everett will appear in three new movies for Chi Chi LaRue: Sized Up, Starting Young and Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3. The blacklisting by the major porn companies (Channel 1, Falcon, Catalina) of porn stars who bareback, does not seem to apply to him.

The picture above is from Brent's movie My Overstuffed Jeans. And I am including it for you all to download!!
"The Camera"


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