01 July 2011


Hello Everyone!
I have been physically gone for a while and have had some friends and staff updating the blog for me.

I had a horrible family tragedy befall me....death of loved ones is never easy.
It is even harder when it is sudden and brutal.

All of my projects have been delayed by two months because of this.
My interview with James Jamesson had to be dalayed. It will go to print in DINK in 2 weeks. My interview with another porn favourite had to be delayed indefinitely.
And my piece on the new porn industry standards has been bumped to a fall issue.

But now I am back and posting again. I hope all of my projects will be greeted with the enthusiasm that you all had for them previously.

Looking forward to the Hot Amateur Contest, my interview with James Jamesson and the new hot stories section.

Thank you for your emails and cards. They have meant a lot to me. And have helped me through this very tough time.

"The Camera"

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