25 January 2007

Focus On.....TWINS!!

OH MY GOD!!! I just think my fantasy has come true!! Twin brothers who love to get naked and who enjoy hot and sweaty gay sex! YES PLEASE!!!

First we have the Tingle twins from Australia.
These blokes are so bloody hot, I would never leave down under if they were there with me......

These two blondies have even made a movie together called "DOUBLE SIZE - Double The Pleasure".......I think I need to find this movie NOW!!! These guys are so hot and have amazing.....eyes. Truly, they do.........mmmmmmm.

Here we have the Lautrec Twins. They have been courted by and signed by the fantastic Bel Ami. These blokes know how to fuck and take it like a man in FLINGS 2. They did an incredibly hot scene with Brandon Manilow and (my favourite!!) Tommy Hansen......PERFECTION!!

These guys are amazing to watch.....just look at those eyes!! Just like Lukas Ridgeston's.....they pierce you and invite you at the same time......mmmmmmmmmm......

And the tattoos just make me weak!!
I hope you enjoy the twin guys today!!
Next time I show off my twins, I will give you guys the pictures of the gay twin brothers who do movies and each other!! Talk about TABOO!!!
See you soon!
"The Camera"

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Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! I can't wait for more of their pictures

-"The Babysitter"