24 January 2007

Focus On.....Sports Guys

You know......Ive always been attracted to sports.....I don't really know why though....

Oh, yeah.....this ad explains it all!!

Wrestlers who get aroused during a match make my day!

I think I need to help this triathelte!! ........in ANY way that I can!!

Rugby players - like myself - always seem to lose some item of their kit during a match!!

Who knew Andy Roddick liked to expose himself during a match?? I am glad he does, though!!!

AH!! Here's the team I need to be on - in - on - whatever!! I would buy whatever they are advertising!!

And you cannot beat a naked Oscar De La Hoya!!!!

I need to wreslte with this guy!! NOW!!!!

Hope you like todays snaps!
More sports guys will follow! I promise!!


"The Camera"


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