26 January 2007

Focus On.....JOSH WESTON

Today, I want to talk about one of my all time favourite stars....Josh Weston.

Josh Weston is an American pornographic actor who has appeared in over twenty gay video productions since 2001. He grew up in Nevada where he excelled in athletics in high school. Upon graduation from college, he moved to San Francisco where he began to work as a personal trainer. To supplement his income, he also worked as a stripper at the Nob Hill Theatre where he was eventually discovered by gay porn film director Chi-Chi LaRue. Weston worked exclusively for Falcon Studios from 2001 to 2005. In 2006, he began to appear in Colt Studio Group's Buckshot videos.

Like many actors who have successfully made a living in the pornographic film industry, Weston is muscular and is endowed with an above-average size penis (8.5 inches). His well propotioned body, great tattoos and strawberry blonde hair makes me weak!

Weston is a recipient of one Grabby Award (in 2002 for Best Duo Sex Scene for Deep South 2) and two GayVN Awards (in 2003 - Best Actor and Best Three-way for Deep South 1).

Weston nhas an ability to connect with his costars and with his fans. When being fucked he allows himself to become more vulnerable....he gets extremely vocal and loud when in the midst of a scene. Every scene he does Josh can make great.....he actually can act!! I swear!! He really makes a viewer feel like they are there with him.
And that's what makes this hottie a STAR!!

More soon!


"The Camera"


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