20 January 2007

Focus on.....The Male Bum!

I just cannot explain what a great bum does to me! Just the sight of a beautiful man, resting, showing his bum - whether fully or partially - is enough to raise my pulse and make me sweat.

A mans ass is like a piece of incredible artwork. It should be admired, thoroughly looked over and enjoyed. Touch it ever so lightly and it will respond. Touch it a bit harder, with a firmer hand and it will respond quite differently. Both can be enjoyed and both can make a hardened man turn into quivering jelly.
The sight of a man opening himself up to you, allowing himself to be at his most vulnerable, takes courage and trust. This moment of vulnerability might allow you to enter him; to be a part of him on a deeper level. This is a trust that should not be disregarded nor should it be misused. This trust should be cherished.
When there is enough trust for a man to be open with you, or vice versa, the connection that you two have will evolve......it will change into something more meaningful and that can be ever so rewarding......
Or, he could just be a trick for the night....a hot piece of ass that wants to get fucked and fucked well!
Either way, a mans bum is a glorious piece of work and needs to be respected and admired!!!

More tomorrow!


"The Camera"

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