16 January 2007

What we're all about....

After numerous emails, I wanted to tell you our goals with this blog.

Let me start with this....I am a South African gay white man living in New York City. I work in the entertainment industry - live theatre. I am currently comparing the gay communities of both countries and have found many differences but also many similarities. I enjoy hearing from everyone out there.

Okay.....whats our purpose with GUYS FOR "THE CAMERA" ?

First of all, let's be real......pictures of hot guys are brilliant! So why not share them with others so thay can have a brilliant day too? I proposed to my friends and partner that we should come up with a blog that covered all bases.....pictures of hot blokes, commentary, problems within the gay community in the US and South Africa, concerns, news items and - oh - did I mention the pictures of the hot men??

Yes, these are adult oriented and can (and WILL) contain explicit hardcore images......I think we're all adult enough to enjoy them without losing our minds and morals!!

Second, I hope to hear from everuone who reads this blog. I hope they have ideas, questions and concerns that we can touch upon on this blogsite.


Feel free to drop us a line at any time to discuss.....well......anything!

Third, I made sure that my links work to other great blogs....and of course, to my pictures. I want you all to have them, share them and enjoy them.

Keep in touch and hope you enjoy what Ive got to show you....(oooh, that didnt come out right, did it?)


"The Camera"

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