15 January 2007


Brent Corrigan (born Sean Paul Lockhart on October 31, 1986) started his career in pornography in 2004 at Cobra Video, as a young twink model in Every Poolboy's Dream under the name Brent Corrigan. He quickly became one of Cobra's most famous performers, where his bareback themed movies were critically top rated and commercially top selling.
As Brent Corrigan, his performing career has featured a diverse variety of sexual activity, including semen swallowing, rimming and Cobra Video's first-ever double anal penetration (by actors Chase McKenzie and Brent Everett).

Corrigan has stated that he falsified his identification documents to make his first films, being under-age when his first movies were filmed. This public statement resulted in much controversy, causing many of his films to be (voluntarily) pulled from store shelves while concerns of child pornography in many legal jurisdictions in the United States and abroad are settled as well as creating an on-going legal dispute between Corrigan and Cobra Video.
Both Corrigan and Cobra Video have each created separate "official" websites promoting the performer.

It was September of 2005 when Brent revealed to the world that he was 17 years old when he performed in 4 hardcore titles for Cobra, not 18 years old as the law requires. Brent claims that an ex boyfriend pushed him to create a fake ID to find work in the gay adult industry, and it wasn’t long before he was the toast of twink porn… bottoming like an experienced professional while flashing his trademark smile and strategically located star tattoo.
Anyone who’s a regular reader of Brent’s blog on BrentCorriganOnline.com knows that he has legions of loyal, adoring fans. Brent hopes this fan base will appreciate his next major project, “RealBoysOnline,” which he’s putting together for an early 2007 release. His goal with the new site is to produce what he calls, a “more sincere” genre of porn that focuses on the intimacy between couples who really are into each other, rather than randomly cast by a director. He’s chronicled his foray into production in numerous blog posts, giving his perspective as a 19 year old porn director, along with behind the scenes photos from some of his shoots.

It’s on his blog that his fans have come to know him as an intelligent, articulate 19-year-old, whose life in the fast lane hasn’t been all its cracked up to be. He takes great pride in the blog, particularly the “Ask Brent” section, where he answers questions about everything from his personal life, to the coming out process, to how to properly shave your backside.

Here’s one of his comments, talking about his history with Cobra and it’s owner:
“Every scene Bryan has had me shoot with him he insists on making the boys cum in my face. I HATE CUM IN MY FACE. I hate it. Bryan knew I hated it. I don’t care how many people out there think its hot, it sucks to do it on set. On top of it, I have somewhat of a sensitive skin type. Each time it happens, my face becomes irritated and red after the shoot. So basically every time you see a picture with cum on my face, just know that I’m unhappy doing it. I’m sure this is why since my falling out with Cobra Video; Bryan has made it a point to put a considerable more amount of pictures out there with cum on my face. Porn is hot, but I think most of you would agree its not hot anymore when it becomes apparent those involved in it are not enjoying it.”

Brent recently completed work for FALCON in the Velvet Mafia films. He has bulked up a bit and looks fantastic. (Ah, that smile....Ah, that bum!!) But his true love is his site, his company and his blog.....AND his fans!!

Below Ive added a clip from Velvet Mafia with Brent and Erik Rhodes in their flip flop scene......enjoy it!!

Here’s Brent’s videography:
Every Poolboy's Dream, 2004 (Cobra Video)
Schoolboy Crush, 2004 (Cobra Video), starring with Brent Everett
Bareboned Twinks, 2005 (Cobra Video), starring with Brent Everett
Casting Couch 4, 2005 (Cobra Video)

The previous four titles have been voluntarily removed from circulation due to Corrigan's underage dispute. They have remained for sale on internet auction sites.

Cream BBoys, 2006 (Cobra Video)
Naughty Boy's Toys, 2006 (Cobra Video)
Brent Corrigan: Fuck Me Raw, 2006 (Cobra Video)
The Velvet Mafia, 2006 (Falcon Studios)
Take It Like A Bitch Boy, 2006 (Cobra Video)
Tell Me, 2007 (non-porn short film.)

Go visit Brent’s website and his blog. He has been severely mistreated by Cobra and its owners and should be given our support and words of encouragement. And support his site and blog by leaving messages!!! Brent Corrigan is the next superstar of gay films and should be nurtured, not tormented!! He should know how many fans he has and how much we want to see him succeed! Keep up the great work and break a leg with the site and your company!!

See you soon guys when we focus on a new guy!!
"The Camera"

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