09 February 2007


Please guys, we have to help stopping this. Read below what closetkeis asks us to do:

Blogger friends, I ask that you pass the following around. The intent is to have blog visitors copy the message below in the body of an email and send to blogger. I ask that you please post this message and ask everyone to send this message to support@blogger.com

thank you


This email is regarding:

Time for Cookies
a drab boiz breakfast
Tom from Paris

which have been deleted. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, visited these blogs on a daily basis, and I urge you to assist their authors and your readership by restoring them fully and immediately.Please do reply to let me know when this has been carried out.

If you do not do this, it would be a tragic waste of an opportunity for your organisation to stand up for bloggers' rights to operate unimpeded. Nobody is suggesting that blogs featuring paedophilia (child pornography), for example, should be allowed to stand; but the issue here is that you appear to have deleted gay blogs simply because they are gay blogs which link to adult entertainment.

Be aware that if you allow these deletions to stand, you will be obliged to defend yourselves on the issue of why you do not delete ALL blogs which feature other sexual content or links, on the grounds that they could cause offense to, for example, very sensitive or fundamentalist individuals.No material linked to on these blogs was being hosted on them. Material linked to was sometimes illustrated by photographs under normal fair use principles of law as practised by the vast majority of bloggers who use your service.

If Blogger cannot safeguard the freedom of its users to post varied links to any web content - a key freedom that enables bloggers to function on a basic level - I will very unfortunately be in the position of encouraging all of my gay brothers and sisters to leave Blogger...

Awaiting your early reply.

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