23 January 2011


We all love him!
Brent Everett is the epitome of gay porn success.
He has his own website AND company. He has a loving husband. He has a HUGE..... fanbase! He has an incredible body. He has an ass that I could loose myself in for hours on end and my tongue would never get tired.

And he is one of the sweetest men I have ever met.
I was lucky enough to meet him at a public appearance. What a sweetheart. I was going through chemo and radiation at the time and he saw that I was looking a bit.....pale. He came right up to me and asked, "Can I get you something? How can I make you feel better?"
(Surprisingly, I wasnt a dirty pig with my answer!)

Brent is like that with every single person with whom I spoke in the industry. People WANT to work with him.
You asked for more Brent, so here he is!

 MY GOD! Those cumshots are amazing!

And just like Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett is also a Fleshlight. His mouth and ass can be fucked by us all! AND they made his cock into a dildo!!

 Brent at a personal appearance in Texas!
 And a close up of that famous thick cock!

"The Camera"