13 December 2010


We all like hot guys!
We would all like to be with two hot guys at the same time.
I know that I would LOVE to be with two of the same guy - twins!
So here are some hot twins for you.....

Now then, there are those out there who enjoy twins, but would enjoy them more if they were doing each other.
Well, Bel Ami has found Elijah and Milo, twin brothers who enjoy having sex with each other.
Not only do the enjoy each others bodies, they enjoy bareback sex with each other!
I do have to say that these boys are HOT but what do you think of brothers having sex for public consumption? I did an istallment here on G4TC about them before and got some interesting responses and comments....
Here are some of their snaps....

So let me know what you think about these twins.
Drop me a line here if you want to tell me about how you feel about the gay incest issue.
Does it turn you on or gross you out?

"The Camera"


Jonathan in New York said...

Ok. Its a bit wierd seeing brothers having it off with each other. But in a way, kind of hot. I know Im not the only one who feels this way. Twins....wow! Its a little narcissistic for them but hot for us in the audience.

Anonymous said...

I love gay brothers fucking eachother and seeing these pictures makes me want a twin brother.