21 February 2010

Focus on.....THE PERFECT BUM!!

Today I bring you some of the most delicious, the most delectable and the most amazing bums ever assembled!
When I see a man's ass, I just swoon. If that ass is stunning, well....I just cannot help myself.....
So I have decided to share with you some of my favourites!

Is he just tempting me? Is he really saying, "Taste me?"

Couldnt you just dive into this gloriously tight hole?

This one below is my favourite!
I could stare at this snap for hours!

Really, there is nothing like a man's bum to brighten any bloke's day!
I hope you enjoyed them....
There is some fun stuff coming up! Another interview with some porn royalty and a possibility of another, but I'll wait until I know for sure!
Stay tuned and always check for videos to download!
"The Camera"

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