20 February 2010


So boys....as my fans know, I love the rimming.....I LIVE for it!
I could eat ass all day long and never get tired or bored.
Now these snaps that I have for you....well some of them are just bloody exquisite!!
Like this first snap....you know, when I go on holiday and I request a towel from my cabana boy, I rarely get this kind of service.....mmmmmm Next we have two of my faves, Matt Rush eating out Joe Foster! These two ooze sex and lust when I watch Matt dive into Joes perky bud!
On the bar?!? Where can I get a drink like this???
A vintage snap for you!
Now this snap is from a bar that unfortunately no longer exists here in the US.
This is what drink service is all about!
So cute, those boys from Bel Ami!
And on the sofa....between work and dinner, a snack is required....
And you should always get as deep as you can! The deeper the better! I even made my ex cum just by rimming him! Now thats fun!!
Getting from the front and the back....Cany beat that!
What a bloody lucky bloke!
Such beauty in a bloke when he realizes that his bud can give him immense pleasure. That look of bliss on his face is priceless!
More later guys!
I promise I will stick to my schedule for each day!!
"The Camera"

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