23 February 2007


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So there was no way that I could go another day without talking about Mr. Brent Corrigan. Yes there was some drama, and now with the death of the owner of COBRA Video there is even more, but one thing holds true...... Brent Corrigan is one of the sweetest and most attractive blokes working in the gay adult film industry.
There are rumours running rampant that Brent might just walk away from the idustry altogether. He even mentions that possibility on his own blogsite. I know that there would be MANY men out there - a a few women too! - who would be very upset and saddened if Brent walks away from gay porn.

You know, for being so young, Brent has such composure and presence. I was lucky enough to be at a charity event that Brent was at. I unfortunately never got a chance to chat with him, but he was all smiles and spoke eloquently. He was very gracious with all his fans and posed for photos and signed autographs as well.

Heres a great look at that famous star tattoo on his bum!

Brent bulked up a bit for his foray into mainstream porn - through FALCON Video - in VELVET MAFIA. He has become super toned and a bit more muscular. And his performance in VM looked fantastic, like he really enjoyed doing the movie......... but we all know now that it wasnt all that great an experience for Brent. Which only goes to show what a good actor he has become.
Brent even has done a short film shot in New York City which looks really good.
He never ceases to impress his fans.

So below I have included some links to previews of Brent's films. I know youll like them as much as I do!!



So there you go guys...... some great snaps of Brent Corrigan with some video to go with it!

PLEASE check out his website and his blogsite.....link to them on the left hand side of this page in MY FAVOURITE PLACES.



"The Camera"

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