24 February 2007


BRANDON BEEMER ---- 'GAYS' OF OUR LIVES???? Okay, okay......I know how rumours abound in good old Hollywood, but this just made me giggle.......
Well, we as a gay community know how to pick the HOT ones!!

Shawn-Douglas Brady. For years he's been one of my least favorite characters on Days of Our Lives. For most of Shawn's young-adult life he was played by actor Jason Cook. Jason left back in the fall of 2006 and was replaced by Brandon Beemer. A stunner who has the angular look of Kristian Alfonso who plays his mom and the faux-intensity of Peter Reckell who plays his dad.

Brandon has really blossomed into the role of Shawn nicely. I really didn't care for him at first; neither his acting nor his looks really did anything for me. But for weeks now, Brandon's been growing on me. He has AMAZING eyes, and his physique is easy on mine.

According to a recent Perez Hilton rumor, he's gay and dating Lance Bass. Eh, they have been friends for years - I don't think there's anything more to it than that. (But if there is, you go Lance!)

I think we should just leave him alone and if and when he wants to come out, then we'll all know. And poor poor Lance Bass...... OY!! Can he just find a guy who wont shit all over him, wont cheat on him and be true and faithful? Is that asking too much?

Cheers guys!!

"The Camera"


Travis said...

Yummy! I hope he comes out hehehe!

Gary said...

HE is not GAY. He is dating Nadia Bjorlin who used to play Chloe

The Camera said...

Well, Gary.....
How do we know he is dating Nadia? I mean, agents and managers spin any and every story from every angle to make their client successful.

I am NOT saying he is gay, but if your source is from Soap Opera Digest or the like, be assured that the story was just that - a story.

Just relaying a story, which is a month old but has had no closure yet.

Anonymous said...

He is nice to look at and really that is all that matters to me :)


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