11 November 2011


David Testo, a 30-year-old former MVP for the Montreal Impact soccer team, came out in an interview with CBC Radio Canada.

"I’m gay, I’m gay. I did not choose. It’s just part of who I am. And it has nothing to do with the talent of a soccer player. You can be both an excellent soccer player and being gay," Testo said this week. "I really regret not having said publicly earlier. I fought with it all my life, my whole career. Living the life of a professional athlete and being gay is incredibly difficult ... It saps all your energy to you, in addition to having to perform, having to play."
A native of North Carolina, Testo started his professional soccer career playing for the Columbus Crew in the MLS League. He moved to the Montreal Impact in 2007 and was named its most valuable player two years ago. Though the public was in the dark about Testo's orientation, he says his family, friends, and even teammates knew.


Anonymous said...

sorry, it doesn't impress me that an athlete on a third-rate team in a country where the sport ranks right up there with team synchronized darts comes out of the closet. this is largely irrelevant in terms of being gay in public.

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