05 July 2011


I have recently received numerous comments that I have had to delete because the authors of them decided it was more important to try to make me look stupid and be rude and threatening than to enjoy the blog for the videos and pictures and interviews.
If you dont like what I write, thats fine. However, you dont need to write that on MY blog. Start your own blog and write what you want on that.
Why would you want to ruin this blog for everyone else?
There is no need to actually threaten me on my own blog.
If this happens again, I will disable the comments completely. I dont need to be abused on my own site. This is for fun folks. Please dont forget that.
"The Camera"


Richard said...

Im sorry that there were assholes who forget what they came to this site for....to surf the web one handed!
Dont let anyone make you feel stupid!
This is the greatest blog out there!! And thanks for posting for all these years.

Petr in Durban said...

Dont forget -
There will always be idiots out there!
Jealousy is disgusting. People will say and do mean things because of jealousy and try to knock you down. It makes them feel better about themselves. Those people are called assholes.

Charlie in Upsatate NY said...

Please keep posting.
You always have the best pictures and videos and always post a collection rather than just one or two pics.
We love your site.
We are the brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity at a school in New York. Lots of gay college guys...and we ALL have sent you pictures of us!
Dont let assholes deter you from what you want to do....

THE CAMERA said...

Charlie -
I am going to post all of your pictures! I love them!
And thanks for the comments about this. Thanks to everyone.
I never understand why someone would want to destroy something that is so obviously for the pleasure of others....people who are not happy with themselves I guess.
Just wait for all these college guy photos....cumming soon!

Mike W. in The Navy said...

Hey dude,
Your site is amazing.
Im a Navy guy based in the South and my buddies and I look at your site all the time.
We love the pics of the hot college guys and military guys! (I wonder why?!)
Anyway, dont stop posting.
And dont get rid of the comments section. I like the ability to talk with you if I wanted to....and I want to!
I want to start leaving comments all the time....
Can I?

Daniel, Hartfordshire, UK said...

Your site rocks.
You rock.
Dont let anyone make you feel like what youre doing isnt appreciated. Cuz it is!
Love everything you have ever posted. You always seem to know what your readers are wanting to see.
We are here to stroke off looking at your pictures. And I have dumped MANY loads looking at your pictures.
Thanks for the best site out there.