28 July 2011


So years ago (in a previous incarnation) I was a Stage Manager for the hit Off Broadway show TONY 'N' TINA'S WEDDING in New York City.
It is an interactive show where the audience are guests at a wedding reception with drinks and food and dancing....It was a great gig and a very fun show to do.
I had been part of the production for about 6 months when they had a cast change. They added a redheaded Irish looking guy to the cast as a brother in the show.
"Really?" I thought.
He also had NO real acting credits....."This ought to be fun," I thought.
Well this was the bloke that they added to our cast.

And then it turns out that he had just done a spread in PLAYGIRL - TOTALLY NAKED!!!
And the producers added this into the show.....WTF?!?!
They even brought out the real magazine during the performance and showed it to audience members!!
This is what they saw, and what I saw every day behind the scenes!!!

Reid had a girlfriend then.
Recently, I found out that he had done a GAY PORN!!!

And more recently he had done a film called DEAD BOYZ DONT SCREAM.....

It is nice to see he is still in great shape and looking fantastic!
Hopefully we will see more from Reid.....

And that is a little piece of my past!
"The Camera"


Anonymous said...

A few yrs ago I was visiting New York and while walking down one of the busy sidewalks I saw Reid. I totally recognized his face and knew he was the 25th anniversary man for PLaygirl. He was with a girl and he was dressed in a very nice business suit. Saw him and the girl go in a building. I tried to take a picture of him but dont think i got a good shot. I didnt want to be obvious. I never see a celeb when i go to NY so he is the closest I had ever seen to someone sort of known.

Anonymous said...

I've not seen nor heard of this guy before, but WOW he's hot !!