30 August 2011


So, since I have received SOOOOO many requests for these videos, I have posted them at GIGASIZE and you can download them from there. I tried emailing them to some of you and I could only send one because of the size....
So, here you go guys!!!

 You know....I think Ive found some great stuff for all of you over the years....

Ben Godfre #1  http://www.gigasize.com/get/wowgw1ox37c


I always get you the snaps or videos of the famous blokes having it off or out of their kit. I try to post what I would like to see in a blog.

Well guys, this time I have a real treat for you!!
Model Benjamin Godfre has been keeping a low profile recently. Then he did a new bunch of pictures for a photog.

Unbeknownst to us or that photog, Ben had decided to jerk off.....on his personal camera! Yes, the world was shocked and I went scrambling to find the video or screencaps.
So here are some modeling photos of our Benjamin, looking absolutely incredible!!!

Then, there were some new photos of Benjamin that were released/leaked. And he looks absolutely amazing!!!  Click on pictures to enlarge them. Totally worth it!

Then these were released (from Oh LaLa Mag)....the grainy vintage look to them is a great treatment.
One picture is edited but following that shot is the unedited snap. There is nothing left to the imagination!!!

Benjamin even had a great mirrored shot of him on his site. And this left nothing to the imagination as well.....
I like where he's going!

Then rumours were swirlling about a jackoff video! Oh my yes!
Then there were rumoured to be two videos.....
Here are some screencaps from the vids.....first one is small, apologies.

As you can see in the above shot, there is a tattoo on the left foot insole. It matches the one that Benjamin has.
In the picture above that, there is a light brown birthmark on the left inner thigh - it matches Benjamin's birthmark.
And for all of you, HERE ARE THE TWO WANK VIDS!!!

"The Camera"


Anonymous said...

How do i download the videos? :)

THE CAMERA said...

The way that they are posted here you cannot download them, but if you leave your email address I can try to send it to you....
Thats why you should never post anonymously!

G said...

Hi, can you send me the videos or the links to download them please!

G said...

by the way... nice job on the blog an great work with the benjamin godfre post! ;0)

TonkaManOR said...

Hot vids. can I get a copy?


Anonymous said...

So Benjamin Godfre likes to wank?!
Who'd have thought it?
After all, he's a guy in his early/mid 20's...

Gator said...

is it possible to send me copies of the 2 Benjamin Godfre vids. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanx

Anonymous said...

hey do me a favor
send those videos to my mail id

Anonymous said...

I want the download links too

jtoastra at yahoo dot come.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job on this blog!! I've been a fan of BG for a while now. He's SO hot and sexy. Would it be possible to get those two jack-off videos sent to my email? Its spacecowboy_josh@yahoo.com. I would appreciate it loads.....pun intended.

Anonymous said...

If possible could you please either send it to me or let me know where i could find it. thanks so much.