04 April 2011


 Joe DAllesandro....
Just his name drips with sex.
Joe was a model, a hustler, a movie star, a personality....but most of all he remains to this very day an icon. An icon of the era and of the gay community.
Joe was very brave in those days to pose nude, because not only could the photographer be arrested, but so could the model. He became a poster boy for rough trade in the gay community.

 Joe was never a man for labels. "Why must people be labeled as gay or straight?" he once asked in an interview. He was happy that the community adored him then and still does now.

 Below is a compilation of snaps as well as Joes original model film. The music is from Santana (I didnt put it there!).

JOE DALLESANDRO ( Underground Films Legend ) by bud7nyc

 Joe was also part of the Andy Warhol team. With movies like FLESH and TRASH and FRANKENSTEIN, joe made his move into the mainstream - sort of.

 Below are stills from some Andy Warhol movies....

 Joe had a son - named Joe! Below is a picture of the two of them.

 See, even as Joe got older, he just got better looking!
 And then to top it all off, Joe was honoured at the Berlin Fim Festival - cementing his icon status!

 But heres a little bit of gossip.
Joe had to make money back when he first started out.
Joe did a XX Gay film back then that he never really talks about. He not only was with another guy, he bottoms!!
So here is that film loop for you to view. There is no sound and the picture is grainy at best (I mean, it is 50 years old!!) but Joe's tattoo is clearly visible to identify him.

Andy Warhol Movies star Joe Dallesandro's hidden gay tapes (no sound). brought to you by PornHub

Ive always adored Joe. He is still an icon to this day. And he is still gorgeous. But his films and snaps remind us of where we came from as a community.
Joe we adore you!

"The Camera"


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forever iconic

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