01 April 2011


This bloke is from the hot new (and VERY CONTROVERSIAL) website MormonBoyz.com:

MormonBoyz says:
"When Elder Wolfington showed up for the shoot, we were meeting for the first time. He said he and his companion have done lots of crazy things, and this “is certainly not the craziest thing.” When I asked him what the craziest thing was, he wasn’t sure what to pick. He said that getting away with a trip to Vegas was the most difficult, but going to a swinger party was probably the craziest.

Right off the bat he seemed comfortable and was joking around. I asked if jacking off on camera was going to be a big deal since he’s a missionary. “Not at all! I mean everyone knows missionaries jack each other off…Right?” He said sarcastically.
Apparently his companion believes in a healthy amount of ‘alone time,’ so it wasn’t difficult for Elder Wolfington to get away for a few hours. But, “there’s no way in hell I’m telling him I’m jacking off on camera,” he said grabbing his crotch and smiling.

He said he’s got an exhibitionist streak, and with his big dick it isn’t hard to see why. He couldn’t believe anyone would be looking for full-time missionaries in this industry. After the shoot we went to lunch and that’s mostly what we talked about. I asked him what he thought about his experience. He said, “any day I get to show off my wang on camera is a good day. But I never expected I’d get to while on my mission!”

I had a calendar called MEN ON A MISSION! I loved the hot Mormon guys and wished I could see more....well, now I can!!!
**Insert Evil laughter here!!**

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