16 January 2011


Well, the retired gay for pay Zeb Atlas is apparently not so retired.....Here he is with Brady Jensen sucking and fucking away like it's his job....oh, wait....

But who could forget the Zeb scandal?
Zeb was supposed to lose his man on man cherry to Matt Rush in a hot tub whilst filming Best Men for Falcon.
Instead he went off and got sucked off by the grand daddy (I mean age here....) of internet porn, Jake Cruise. Matt Rush was pissed that Falcon had bent over backwards for this bloke and he went off and screwed them instead without any repercussions. It was a sad scene, the Jake and Zeb one.....

But Zeb did do BEST MEN for Falcon and wound up in two extremely HOT scenes!
Zeb first got rimmed and sucked off by Matt Rush in that hot tub in the final scene of the first part of BEST MEN. Then Zeb kissed, got sucked, sucked a dick and fucked Adam Killian in the shower stall and tub in part two of BEST MEN!!
Now thats Gay for Pay!!

And heres that scene! Too hot...This scene made me dump my load three times before it was finished!
Now thats acting! But who can resist Adam Killian? That hot tight body, that ink? Well, enjoy the scene!

Zeb Atlas and Adam Killian HOT brought to you by PornHub

"The Camera"

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