04 January 2011


I wanted to get back to the models again. How does he find them, how does he get them to evolve past a solo video and how does he feel about the “straight guy” label?
“Many of my models come from scouts who place guys with the right site. But mostly my guys come from other models.
Most start off with the solo as you said, move on to getting head, find it was easy, then try fucking a dude. Then when they realize the guy they are fucking is also straight – and actually nutting from it – they are less afraid to try bottoming. Funny enough, once they bottom, most actually prefer it. Mainly because the pressure on them to stay hard is not there.”

I asked him a pressing question. I wanted to know if his models were actually straight or if that’s just a website label.

“Most of the guys are actually straight. Viewers either love or hate that label but I have to say it on the site or I will get a thousand emails asking me what they are. Some are experimenting and confused. Some are truly bisexual. But most would never ever even fantasize about having sex with a dude during a jerk off session, nor seek out sex with another guy.
My pairings are very thought out. I have all kinds of things to consider. One model can only work weekends because he has a 9 to 5 job so he can’t work with a guy who bartends on weekends. Some will top, some cant top because they can’t stay hard long enough. I try to make them look good together, while other times it has been like, ‘Well, you both want a gig, so you guys need t make this work because no one else is available.’ Ironically those often turn out to be the hottest videos. I’ve only had two or three models that couldn’t become versatile players.”

Bryan tries to pair guys together whose limits are in line with the other. One model may be at the “I will only top and most definitely will NOT suck a dick” stage while the other is “Whatever it takes, I’m down for it.” These guys push each other to do more. And when a model really is in tune with the whole scene, they try to do more on their own.
Models like Nash, Silas and Ransom have stepped up to become not only staples on the site but huge fan favourites!
“Ransom, I think he deserves the cock sucking award,” Bryan stated matter of factly.
“He has taken over a lot of the videos that I used to do, and he is always bound and determined to make a guy nut and not just have them jerk themselves off into his mouth. He is a major performer with dedication. I think it’s funny that your readers picked him as one of the best Tops, because, despite having a girlfriend and rascally 4-year-old son, the dude REALLY enjoys being fucked! Half the time he is yelling, “Cut!” because he is about to nut just from being fucked! He is good Top, but I tend to think of him as a better Bottom.
“But I gotta give props to Nash. For a straight guy, he has never said no to a cock for me, and he cums from being fucked.”

Any other models that stick in his mind? Well, Bryan spoke of two more. When he spoke of Eli, Bryan feels that he is completely versatile. He excels at everything he does. Bryan told me, and I wholeheartedly agreed, that he truly enjoys sex with anyone. Eli can create chemistry with another guy on a set where there might not be any. Which is probably why he won some categories in the DINK poll.
And then Bryan spoke of Gerin. My readers in DINK voted him Best Bottom. Bryan agrees. He thinks that Gerin rocks as a bottom. And who couldn’t see that. Gerin takes to sex on film like a fish to water – he writhes, moans, sweats and creates a truly explosive atmosphere on a set and the viewer can see that sexuality oozing from Gerin’s every pore…..and his scene partners really enjoy his energy.
“Keep your eyes out for Isaiah and Kristopher!” Bryan punctuated the conversation with that little phrase. Isaiah is a new find, and Kristopher, who was just introduced on the site, is looking to become another favourite.

I wanted to make sure that the models know how their fans feel about them. So I decided to show you all the results of the DINK poll.
I asked which is the hottest site and who is the hottest site owner. Once we knew that the winner was ChaosMen, I asked some more questions about the site, the models and the videos……..


HOTTEST SITE OWNER: Bryan Ockert= 61%, Sean Cody= 28%, Mike Hancock= 9%,
                                           Jake Cruise= 2%
HOTTEST GUYS ON CM: Nash, Hagan, Taylor and Teo
BEST TOP: Ransom and Eli
BEST RAW SCENE: “Eli, Gerin and Taylor “AND “Eli and Heath”
BEST SERVICED SCENES: Adam, Drale, Jayce, Degan, Lansing – The Director’s Cut, Parker
BEST SOLO SCENES: Chase, Cain, Dane, Davis, Slade, Topher, Will
BEST EDGE SCENES: Mattox, Rocco, Silas
ULTIMATE PAIRING ON CHAOSMEN: Adam, Parker, Nash and Ransom all fuck Gerin!!

I wanted to broach another subject. I wasn’t sure how Bryan would react to talking about the topic. I wanted to know how he felt about all the talk about bareback sex scenes, filmmakers’ responsibilities and the popularity of his RAW videos. He actually got no flack about the RAW videos from fans and reviewers.
“If you look at a site like AEBN, their highest viewed videos are the bareback videos. Well, without a doubt, the RAW videos are what people want, complete with breeding action. My subscribers truly want to see that fantasy take place in front of them. I do get at least one letter a month saying ‘How dare you!’ but for the most part, the RAW videos have been a success.”

With his models, Bryan has brought “next door guys” to our computers. He actually gets more grief from subscribers complaining about guys with tattoos and piercings than the raw videos. His subscribers are creatures of habit and sometimes the diversity of his models can hurt him. I understand ‘that. People don’t always go for variety and tend to ‘eat the same meal every day.’

“Guys see my models as ‘any guy’ and that keeps them coming back for more. My guys have that attainable look and personality so any guy watching can think ‘Oooh! I can get the straight guy too!’ It’s feeding fantasy for them. And the RAW videos really feed that fantasy!”

His mother even has an opinion about the bareback videos. She told Bryan, “Why would anyone think Porn is bad, that it is much safer these days than driving late at night with drunk drivers, getting hooked on alcohol and drugs ‘cuz your social life is around bars, and certainly safer than having sex with random strangers.” Mom’s blessing! (Sort of…)

I wanted some more personal information from Bryan. Favourites. Does he have any on the site?
“Favourite guy? That’s a tough one. How about a list of my top ten in no particular order?

Teo, Taylor, Vander, Orlando, Hayden, Eli, Micah, Heath, Parker and Ransom. All are my favourites because I like them personally, they work hard to make the videos hot, are solid no-nonsense performers, and all of them ooze sex in their own way. There are actually about 10 more I could name. I like my team a lot.”

Bryan’s life has changed severely because of ChaosMen. He even gets recognized in the airports. He told a friend that he had been recognized and his friend retorted, ”Did they see the back of your head?”

Bryan tells me this with a big smile and a laugh, and finishes with, “I’m the most famous back of a head on the internet!”

The future? What does it hold for ChaosMen?

“Well,” Bryan started, “the Glory Hole videos are coming back, so fans of those will be happy!”
There is also a cross promotion with another studio in the works, which could be a huge deal.

And there’s a new film with Taylor and Vander in the shower…Raw! Bryan shared a snap of the upcoming video for us! However, with the 'law' being passed down from on high at CCBill, Bryan was forced to re-edit the Vander/Taylor video to cut out some very vanilla piss play. Bryan was told that inclusion of that material on the site was a violation of their rules....therefore the old video was taken off the site and a newer version - sans piss - was posted.

There really aren’t any major changes in the works. ChaosMen works like a well oiled machine now – so don’t fix it if it isn’t broken is Bryan’s motto.

I looked at my watch. Bryan and I had been chatting for over an hour. I wanted to let him get back to work and have some down time. So I decided to close our interview by asking him if he had anything he’d like to say to his fans about the site.
“I guess what I want to say is that most of my guys are like family, so I do feel protective of them and try to keep them ‘distant’ from media engine that the porn industry has got going. They work hard to make something that will excite you, and they push through some major personal limits to do so. So I am glad to hear they have an audience so far away and clearly into them!
“I think when this interview is published, I will put a copy of it out where they can see it. Most don’t have any idea that people really get off to them, and I think they will love to see they have fans that are eager to see them do more.” Then with a laugh, Bryan thought out loud. “It might inspire them to be even naughtier!”

One can only hope!

I want to thank Mr. Ockert for his time and his participation in this interview. He is extremely busy but always found time to chat with me and email. I also want to thank him for use of his pictures. All pictures in this interview are property of ChaosMen and Bryan Ockert. Thanks for letting me venture into your picture library for this story.
Check out ChaosMen guys! It is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

"The Camera"


Petr in Durbs said...

What a great interview! Bloody telling too! I love when site owners or porn stars open up like Bryan did and really tell it like it is!
Thanks for this!

Allan from Knightsbridge said...

This was amazing! To hear it all from the owners mouth...you did a great job with his interview!
He told you some great tidbits and was very open with you. You must have a very sweet face and voice to get them to open up that way!
How about an interview with one of his models?? Like NASH or RANSOM???

Joseph, New York said...

This was AMAZING!!
You really got us into Bryan's head and life! I really appreciate interviews about gay icons or rolemodels that dont always revolve around the sex or the porn. This was a fabulous mix of everything - sex, porn, trials of life, work, business - and very well written!
You need to work for a NATIONAL Gay Paper like the Advocate!

The Camera said...

Thanks guys!
I truly appreciate the kind words and enthusiastic response this interview has garnered.
Perhaps Bryan would let me interview Ransom or Nash at some point, but remember, his models arent in this biz for the fame.
I will approach him and ask. Doesnt hurt to ask right?
Thanks again and keep reading!!

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