31 January 2011


You know how there are some moments of your youth that you will never forget?
Here's one of mine:
When I was a teenager (14/15 years old), I went to a drugstore by my home. It was a CVS.
They had a magazine section and I saw my first Playgirl Magazine. In it, the centerfold was gorgeous. I knew I had to have it, but obviously, I was too young to buy it.
So, I wandered through the store with it in my hand and pulled out the centerfold section along with other pages, shoved them into my pants, and left the store.
Of course I replaced the remainder of the magazine where I got it.
That centerfold was Brian Buzzini.
I got home and jerked off 4 times to his naked body!!

 It was the next two pictures that I remembered wanking to. Brian with his arms raised in the shower, submissive to whatever I wanted to do.....just the hint of his cock hidden behind his thigh.....seeing his glorious bum and that hint of bush....

Later on, Brian tried to sue people for using his pictures which were all over the internet and people have told me that he turned into a real douche - completely full of himself and also playing the victim.
I hope thats not true, because those pictures in the 80's are great!
Anyone have any recent pictures of Brian Buzzini?? Id love to see what he looks like now.
Probably still gorgeous!
"The Camera"


Anonymous said...

dear, here it is http://www.maxtalent.com/model/brian-buzzini
I remember that centerfold pretty well too. Lot of jack off in my little room.

Anonymous said...

here some vids