01 February 2007

Focus on..... TOMMY HANSEN

I decided that Tommy Hansen needs to be revisited on my blog....
Tommy Hansen has been part of Bel Ami since 2000 when he filmed a scene in PERSONAL TRAINERS 5 with Julian Armanis and Brandon Manilow. He was such a hit that he became one of Bel Ami's most requested models!

Tommy's crossover appeal into mainstream was apparrent when he, along with Yves Carradine, was interviewed by SIRIUS Radio recently.

Tommy has appeared on the cover of Freshman Magazine - the magazine that launched Bel Ami.....or it could be looked at as vice versa!
Tommy's mischevious smirk and deep eyes make him desirable to many men. He has been known primarily as a bottom boy, but is also a VERY talented top. You can view his topping expertise in Greek Holiday 2 where he tops Tim Hamilton........YUMMY!

Tommy also does numerous personal appearances and charity events. Here he is with Julian Armanis at an event for Gay Pride in 2005.
I have also added a special treat for everyone!
Tommy was seen in FLINGS 2 with Brandon Manilow and the Lautrec twins. I am giving you guys a link to download that scene.....ENJOY IT!!
(Gigasize, unlike the other sites, allows you to download from them with NO limits! )
Now that you have seen this one scene, go out and get FLINGS 2 from BEL AMI!! Totally worth it!!!!!
Tommy Hansen is beyond gorgeous....I hope you agree and hope you like the snaps and video.
More on Tommy later!
"The Camera"

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