18 January 2010


So for all of your reading pleasure....I decided that every onece in a while I will post some hot cock jerking stories for you!

This one is one that I remember very well....makes my cock haard every single time I read it...


College was a sexual fantasy-land for a horny young guy like me. Still, I felt like a starving man staring through a delicatessen window — everything looked so good, but I couldn't taste anything inside.I wasn't exactly shy, but I wasn't bold enough to put the moves on another guy. Even if I knew how, the reaction might be pretty unpleasant.

Where I came from, guys like me could look forward to a beating if they were found out. I was no longer in the backwoods of Georgia, but I continued to live with the fear of exposure hanging over my head.I tried not to ogle any guy too long for fear he'd notice. Over the years I’d grown quite adept at snapping mental pictures, and, oh, what I did with those pictures! I must've shot gallons of come fantasizing about my buddies.

At the university, there were far more enticing studs to scrutinize and think about. It was difficult not to stare at some of those hunks — all flexing pecs and rippling abs. I could've drooled over some of them all day.

The locker room and showers were my prime areas for sightseeing. It was there that I could nervously check out the young jocks in all their naked glory. Then one evening I let my eyes linger just a little too long . . .

After a rough practice I’d stripped down in the locker room, using the opportunity to check out Randy, one of my soccer teammates. His firm body and sexy features never failed to turn my head. I grabbed a towel and headed for the showers before I grew too engrossed in Randy’s flexing pecs and rippling abs.

In the showers I was faced with Zac and Joel — talk about hot! They were two of the most beautiful men on campus. I had to fight to keep from getting a hard on every time I was near them.

I stepped under the warm spray and soaped up my body, stealing glances every chance I got. Zac was blond as could be, with devastating blue eyes. Joel had black hair and eyes so green they looked like emeralds. I would've done anything just to touch either of those studs. My nuts were churning, and my cock was beginning to throb. I had to fight back the boner that strained to rear its head: a stiff dick was just what I didn't need at the moment.

Then Randy joined us in the group showers, so I had three incredible jocks to drool over. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. There was an intense, sexual torment involved, but it was worth it. Besides, the lust those guys inspired was far from unpleasant. Man — were they sexy!

My quiet joy turned to fear as Joel snared my eyes with his own.

"What the fuck are you lookin' at, Devon?"

My heart jumped into my throat, and I could tell the color had drained from my lace. I didn't say a word. Joel, Zac and Randy all stared at me.

"Huh? Answer me!" said Joel roughly.

"I wasn't looking at anything," I said.

"Bullshit! You're such a fucking liar, Devon."

I swallowed hard, didn't know what to do or say. This could be the prelude to a beat down. I had a further problem, too. As scared as I was, Joel's yelling at me was getting me excited. My cock started to rise.

"I know you were checking me out, and them, too," said Joel, indicating the others. "We gcttin' you hot, Devon?"

I didn't answer him. What was I supposed to say?

Joel stepped closer to me and glanced down at my growing dick.

"You're getting a stiff one for me, aren't you, boy?"

"No." I could barely talk.

“Liar. Your dick's getting harder by the second. You want me and you know it."Joel was standing so close I could feel his breath on my face.

Zac and Randy were watching the whole terrifying, humiliating, incredibly arousing scene. I knew I was likely seconds from getting my ass kicked, but I’d never been so turned on.

"Now's your chance, Dev — I could use a good blow. Why don't you get on your knees and suck my cock like you've been dreamin' about?"

I was trembling with fear and lust. Of course I wanted him — I wanted him more than anything — but I had no idea what would happen if I let him know it. Would Joel slug me if I began to sink to my knees? Not only that but Zac and Randy were watching intently.

"Come on. Devon, it's all yours. I can tell you want it!" Joel's dick was pulsing nonstop and beginning to ooze pre-come. Whoa. How I wanted to lick that sticky nectar from the head of his cock! His entire body tormented me with desire — from his smooth, bulging pecs right down to his thick eight inch tool. I wanted him so bad I was willing to do anything, but at the same time, I was more terrified than I’d ever been. I just knew that Joel would kick my ass if I made a move for his crotch.

"Don't be a coward, Devon. At least have the balls to go after what you want."

I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't care what Joel did to me. And I didn't care what Zac and Randy thought or who they told. I dropped to my knees and pulled Joel's cock between my lips.

"Holy shit! He's doing it!" Randy gasped. I could feel both him and Zac staring at me. Joel didn't punch me or push me away. He just moaned. I ran my tongue around the head of Joel's thick shaft. Here I was — 20 years old and I’d wanted to suck cock for ages, but this was the first time I'd ever touched another guy's rod. I massaged the head with my lips. Joel's pre-come was flowing freely, and it was sticky and sweet on my tongue.

I pulled more of Joel's cock between my lips. His loud sounds almost made me cream. I couldn't believe I was sucking his dick! I couldn't believe I was doing it right in front of Zac and Randy. 1 was amazed I had the guts to take such a chance, but, you know, sometimes you just have to say, "What the fuck?" and go for it.

I sucked Joel's cock down, moving it deeper and deeper into my mouth. The head of his tool pressed against the back of my throat, but I just relaxed and let it slide down. I kept putting it back there, making sure my nose was buried in Joel's pubes. He began to buck his hips.

I held his cock there for a few seconds, then drew my lips back up his shaft. My tongue was busy exploring every inch of it. Whenever it would escape from my taut lips, I'd suck his hard meat back into my mouth and start slurping again.

"I just knew you were a cock sucker." Joel said. There was no hint of malice in his voice. Obviously he appreciated my servicing.I kept running my lips up and down his beefy shaft, making him writhe in uncoiling pleasure. Seeing this, Zac and Randy came closer. I watched them from the corners of my eyes. They were mesmerized by the sight of me hungrily sucking Joel's cock, and their own poles were quickly becoming stiff. Soon they were side by side with Joel, a trio of incredible jocks standing over me with rock hard cocks and way hot bodies.

Steam filled the shower room, and water cascaded off the hard muscles of the three hunks standing there, silently dominating me, and fulfilling my every fantasy about sexed-out athletes. How many times had I whacked off picturing a scene like this? But reality was far superior to fantasy. These chiseled jocks towering above me blew away oven the hottest sucks from my high school days. These were college guys, and they were fucking gorgeous!
I pulled my lips from Joel's dick and wrapped them around Zac's tool. He gasped, then whimpered as I sucked him like a pro. Turns out I was a natural! Joel and Randy watched my every move as I worked Zac up into a mass of flexing spasms. The way he sucked in his breath and moaned made my own cock drool pre-come in strands that reached right down to the floor.
I sucked on Zac's amazing pole until curiosity got the better of me and I turned my attention to Randy. I was all over his cock, making him moan just like I had Joel and Zac. Randy was even hotter for it than the other two; he couldn't help but thrust it into my mouth. Watching me suck his buddies no doubt had driven him to this uncontrollable state.

The threesome fondled and stroked themselves, but they never went after the other guys at all. No, they just waited their turn while they watched me sucking dick. I found that being watched made it all the wilder. The edge of danger increased the sexual intensity of it all. I knew they might punish my ass after they'd used me. At the very least I knew they'd probably tell everyone what I'd done, but just then that hardly mattered — just made my cock even harder.

I went back to Joel and gave his long, hard tool a few good sucks, then I dove for his nuts and ticked them like crazy.

"Oh, fuck!" he yelped.

I could tell my lips and tongue on his balls were driving him crazy; he started thrashing it felt so good. I drew one of his nuts into my mouth, then the other, finally both. I rolled them around on my tongue, weighing the thick cream within them. Joel was fully loaded — I knew he'd blow long and hard when the time came.

I slipped back onto his cock, then moved back to Zac and Randy once more. I gave each the same ball treatment as Joel had had, slathering their nuts and sucking on them like crazy. I could tell I had all three studs practically begging for more.

With no other thoughts in my head, I was in a dream world. Fuck, I was sucking off three hot, built hung, horny young jocks all at once! Never before had I been so glad to be on my knees. They just held the circle around me, each waiting his turn as hot water pounded down on us. It was the most overwhelmingly erotic scene I’d ever witnessed, much less participated in. Hell, I’d never even dreamed anything this intense!

I was gulping down Joel's aching tool again when he suddenly howled with pure joy and blew it all between my lips, coming all warm, sticky, and sweet — spurts surged into my mouth, my lips overflowed. I swallowed his spooge and sucked him for more. The dude kept coming like there was no end to his spunk supply.
Zac and Randy were each stroking their hard, shiny cocks as they saw me take Joel's juice. Suddenly Zac threw back his head and shot his thick, hot jets of come over my face and chest. That set Randy off and he gave it up, too, plastering me with every bit of his thick cream.

Feeling that hot jizz sliding down my throat and pelting my hard body was more than I could take. I hadn't touched my dick once, but it went off like a shotgun. I hollered as I blew my load all over their feet.

Joel kept coming in my mouth, while Zac and Randy continued to spray all over me. The shower room was filled with every sexy monosyllable we could manage: "Unhh!" "Mmmf!" Fucker, I mean, good God, we were all getting our rocks off at the same unreal time!

My orgasm was just about more than I could handle as my eyes rolled back in my head, I’d never shot so intensely before. And of course, I’d never dumped my come with one guy jizzing off in my mouth and two others splashing my body with their cream.

It wasn't long before we'd all blown our nuts dry. Joel, Zac and Randy stepped away and rinsed themselves off in the hot water. I stood, soaped up, and saw all their sticky come rinse off my body. At that moment I felt just like one of them, no differences.

Just before leaving the showers, Joel walked over to me.

"You know." he said. "I think we should make a deal."

I looked at him, filled with curiosity and a little fear.

"If you do that for us whenever we want we’ll make sure no one else ever knows or gives you any shit if they catch you checking them out. Right, guys?"

Zac and Randy both nodded. It sounded like one sweet deal to me. Three buff jocks were offering me their cocks and their protection — how could I say no to that?

"I’ll do any of you — or all of you — anytime you want," I said. And I meant it.

We all walked to the locker room, dried off, and dressed. Before the others split I handed each my phone number. I had a feeling I’d never be suffering from lack of dick again. Up till then I may have always feared getting caught checking out another guy in the shower, but for me, all that turned into a fuckin' dream come true.


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